Smarty, the name is new over the internet web, but in short time Smarty has gained lots of fame across the internet. Smarty is a basically web template system and its entirely written in PHP. Smarty is also known as PHP Smarty and it's a frame work and widely exploited to create dynamic web scripts and web pages as per one needs and desires. A collection that enables the construction of HTML templates which are used in PHP scripts to decrease the efforts getting in the procedure of web page design.

It is an open source framework, which allows one to build favorite web scripts, web forms and web pages. Smarty lets anyone to generate PHP web sites and web pages with easy to use and most affordable attribute. We should use Smarty because it's free so one can download it free of cost, it's a free so you cam amaze that its development cost is zero is you are developer and if you are not then also you can save lots of resource on your development project because it helps you to reduce al your resources and efforts.

It is a kind of web template engine for PHP which offers separation of HTML and CSS from code. It is mainly used to separate php code and the design template so that developers can easily change coding.

Features of Smarty framework are as follows:

  • Control flow statements (for each statement),
  • Conditional statements (if, if-else, else if),
  • Variable modifiers,
  • Functions,
  • Output filters,
  • We can also generate modifiers/functions,
  • Caching of pages can also be done.

It helps in building text and content with the help of smarty tags within a web page. These tags are routed with additional code. Tags contain the information for Smarty that is surrounded by templates. Smarty enables PHP developers to identify custom functions that can be used with the help of Smarty tags.