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Capture New Web Hosting CustomersCapture New Web Hosting Customers

The web hosting companies do various marketing activities to increase the number of customers. The hosting business succeeds when the new customers get regularly added while retaining the old ones. With the increasing competition getting success in a continually evolving and changing hosting market and technology is a big challenge. The big companies have started doing acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships as a new marketing practice.

Online Advertisement – Capture New Web Hosting Customers

The integrated marketing program of most of the hosting companies targets niche markets or specific audiences. The message is broad that the hosting fulfills the needs of all customers. They are using the mass media channels both paid and free using the content focused on a particular segment of customers. The marketing campaign with whole content shared on blogs, forums, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Reddit and Stumbleupon, partner websites, videos, podcasts, traditional print and outdoor ads. Hence, more and more people can identify the brand and learn about its services and products. For such a campaign, hosting companies do hire PR and advertisement agencies.

State-of-the-art-tools – Capture New Web Hosting Customers

Most companies do offer free tools to help the people in designing or functioning of the website. Such technology empowers people and in turn, builds trust with that company. Take an example of plugins for WordPress. The people associate Jetpack plugin with provider company Automatic, i.e., The company develops the plugin and then mail to customers using WordPress or other platforms. The online efforts pay the companies in the long-run, as customers strive to find new solutions to often complex challenges.

Review and Rating Companies – Capture New Web Hosting Customers

The review and rating companies are also essential marketing tools. The hosting companies use the framework to list the services and products. They provide the quick response to the comments and hence try to help the visitors and thus finally attracting them towards their services.

Partner Websites – Capture New Web Hosting Customers

Most hosting companies run their tutorial based websites. The website provides videos, images, and text for most of the how-to related problems. There are websites which have a face as free solution providers. Such sites earn by running the hosting company's advertisement or sharing the affiliate link.

Online Conferences or Webinars – Capture New Web Hosting Customers

The company executive participates in such websites and associates their services with the solutions to most of the issues. Often on Youtube, the video of such webinars is shared for mass public access.

Self-made Interviews – Capture New Web Hosting Customers

The interviews which focus on customer issues sometimes go viral. The content created in such a way that the visitor gets attracted and start thinking that with this company only, their website is safe.
A customer cost is not only it pays to get hosting services, but the cost of designing and developing website also counts. Moreover, the data is crucial which is the building block of the company.