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Professional Vs. Free web hosting providers

1) Description of professional and free web hosting

Online presence is must when establishing a business and for its growth. For creating a website, web hosting is required. It is vital for their perfect growth. But one thing needs to be understood here is that web hosting is also of two types. One professional web hosting in which you paid to host provider for availing their web hosting services and second free web hosting, in which you avail or experience the hosting services at free of cost.

As there is so many Web hosting providers in the online market and among them who offer their hosting services at free of cost to their clients are considered as free web hosting providers and who charges fees from their clients for offering their hosting services are considered as a professional web hosting providers.

2) Type of clientele for these two hosting providers

As we have discussed here two types of web hosting, so clients or customers who avail services of these hosting are also of two types;

As money matters a lot in business and everyone needs it at every stage to run the business smoothly. But everyone cannot afford same, so some web hosting companies decided to offer their hosting services at free of cost. Clients who avail services of these companies are mostly beginners or start-ups who don’t have enough money in their hand in starting for investment, for them this is the good option. Same is with business owners who started their business on small scale and for budding entrepreneurs also it is an attractive option as a cost associated with hosting is eliminated here.

On other hands, multinational companies and persons who are operating their business on large scale and individuals having a sound financial position are mostly clients or customers of professional web hosting providers.

3) Points that differentiate two hosting providers

The major differences between professional web hosting providers and free web hosting providers are as follow:

4) Name of web hosting companies providing these two services

Now if you want to know the name of the companies which offer professional hosting services and which offer free hosting services, so here comes a list for you. 

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