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Host a Terraria Server

There are various ways of playing different games. One of them is to play a game on Terraria server. First thing user needs to adjudicate whether he desires to commence a host & play multiplayer game or he would like to play a dedicated server game. It is a game that can be experienced in an awesome way with a group of user's friends. While the game renders a convenient choice for setting up a prompt multiplayer session by the way of the host & play mode, this does not allow for a persistence online world because the game session is closed when the host player leaves the game. Fortunately setting up a dedicated server for user & his friends to explore, craft and collect in, Terraria is easy to acquire. Therefore, user has the possibility to capture some hands-on time with the game’s server tools. It is exhorted to follow the handy guideline comes with Terraria server and user will be crafting with his friends in a dedicated Terraria server without wasting anytime & with ease.

Terraria Server

Terraria server allows other players to connect over the internet directly or through a private network both. Terraria offers you the facility of hosting a server by selecting Multiplayer and after that ‘Host & Play'. You may also host by using ‘TerrariaServer.exe' which is included in the game's folder.


You can join a game either through Steam by right-clicking someone on your friends list and by selecting ‘Join Game', or via IP by typing the external IP and port of the server which you are trying to connect.

IP address to router

A user needs to give his router a global IP address for join a person who wants to connect to user's server over the internet or user's IPv4 address to anyone trying to connect with the network of user. One Terraria server of user can allow both types of connections forthwith. The quickest way to get global IP address is to get it from Google IP. It is quite simple & easy to start Terraria. A user is required to go to the main menu then he needs to choose multiplayer option after that it is vital to choose host & play. Next essential step a user need to do is to select a world to play in then enter a password, or he requires choosing to play without setting any password. A user can decide on, he will host a Terraria server without using Hamachi or host it with Hamachi. If a user has decided to play on Terraria server without Hamachi, then he needs to install Terraria server in different way than the usual way. There are different steps for that, a person can easily find on internet.

Server Lists

It has two types of servers; they are –




• Need to pay attention to the server rules to avoid any problems. You need to respect the admins and other players too.

• You can visit TerrariaOnline and also Terraria Forums for help.


TShock is a server software that offers a vast array of server tools, like: Building protection, Admin system to execute commands in-game, Plugin support to get more commands or fixes, Warping, Edit hidden world settings in-game, Some minor fixes/tweaks to the vanilla server software and many more.

Software needs of Terraria server

Terraria server is a server that allows players to connect with each other with the help of internet used commonly by everyone or right away through a private network of user itself. If a user has custom control panel, then it will allow a user to configure and customize his Terraria server to upload files using FTP, install plugins, and mods, switch locations, and add additional administrators also.

Terraria Multiplayer

In Terraria multiplayer the maximum number of players in multiplayer varies. Moreover, it is based on the settings of the server. Multiplayer worlds function is not different from single player ones. However, it is an increased monster spawn rate. It is not affected by the number of players; there is only one differentiation that is the fact that there is more than one player. The items which is in the single player's inventory are also available in multiplayer and vice-versa.

Other Features

In multiplayer, the PvP and team buttons appears at the top of the equipment, and UI can be used.

PvP button allows the players to activate PvP mode. It helps to makes their attacks collide with and to damage other players who also have PvP enabled.

The team options offer the players to join color-coded teams. In this server, players are able to see how far from every other member their team are (in feet). There is a general indicator that directs every other teammate is in, as well as how much health each member has remaining (if they are not damaged, no HP indicator is drawn). Moreover, players on the same team are unable to damage each other by normal means, even when PvP enabled.

Anti-Cheating Mechanism

The game has also built in anti-cheat mechanic. This mechanic will kick you if you try to cheat.

Sometimes the game considers the Aqua Scepter cheating; it will get the message shown on the picture. It also kicks you for building too fast. It uses the Minishark and other fast projectile weapons too in battle (especially Bosses). The Vilethorn is also a weapon that can trigger an auto kick. It can also kick the host. This is the most likely a bug and also thought to be fixed in the future. However, it is the most acclaimed feature.

Steam Integration

As of update 1.3, Multiplayer has been streamlined that is why the players have now no longer need to join through IP and port forward. Instead it, they can join Steam friends who are on a server.


The very world is at fingertips of user for fortune, and glory. Blending elements of classic action games with the freedom of sandbox style creativity, Terraria is a unique gaming world with the journey and the destination, where both are as unique as the players themselves are. It is also available for system with Mac & Linux. It is available free of cost with limitations or with full version but at some price. It depends on person to person whether he wants to go for free version or full version. If he is crazy for playing games at any cost then definitely he should go for a complete version. Whatever is the choice Terraria server is a superb gaming server a person must have.

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