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Safenames Limited is a leader in providing global domain registration, online trademark protection services, and corporate domain portfolio management services. This company was founded in 1998 and is an ICANN accredited domain registrar. Today the company registers over 7000 domain extensions. It provides a variety of services such as domain audit plus, web hosting, domain registration, domain renewal, domain transfer, SSL certificates, domain retrieval, domain acquisition, international domain portal, and Mark protects. has very reliable technical support and customer support teams that are available 24/7 to sort any arising issues. : Company Overview:

Safenames is a leading global Domain name registration company. It was founded in 1997and accredited in 2002. It is a privately held company. Most extensive direct domain registration services and comprehensive management tools of any registrar in the world are ensured by the company. It specializes in corporate domain portfolio management and online trademark infringement protection services. A comprehensive suite of customizable web-based products and services, along with expert sales and customer support teams of the company, empowers clients legal, operations and marketing department to efficiently manage and protect domain names, trademark, and online brand equity.

Uptime Report:

Company guarantees 99.9999% up time at their Tier 3 Enhanced Data Centre.

Hosting Plans:

3 types of hosting plans are available at They are as follows:

Virtual/ Cloud server hosting: This is a cost effective plan at just £ 50/month. This plan is a great alternative to a dedicated hosting package and specialized hosting needs at very low costing. Here servers use the latest VMware technology. 24×7 customer

support with dedicated account manager is made available. Here client gets the ability to gain full desktop or root access to their server. Choice from Windows or Linux operating systems is made available for clients. This plan customizes firewall and bandwidth requirements.

Dedicated Hosting: This is a dedicated hosting plan at just £ 100/month. Company provides server in Tier 3 Enhanced Data Center which is specially constructed to Financial Service Authority (FSA) Standards with a 99.9999% server up time. This plan provides end to end solutions for medium to large sized companies which help in improving response time and overall performance. Choice from Windows or Linux operating systems is made available for clients. Dell, Compaq and IBM hardware are made available and this plan is a support for applications that run on Microsoft SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Dedicated IP address with the option for additional IPs is also made available for clients.

Co-location Hosting: This plan is a more effective local solution provided by the company. It allows clients as an organization to save time, money and resources at the same time having the benefits of Tier 3 enhanced Data Center. 24×7 technical support is provided. With this plan, client can place a server, firewall or switch into company’s data center.




Cancellation policy:

Clients can cancel their services with the company at any time in accordance with the terms and conditions. A contract of minimum period of 12 months is made between company and client.


Safenames maintains high standard quality products, services. Their support team is also available 24×7. Their main aim is customer satisfaction.

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