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Email tracking- best option to track your emails

It is very important to keep track of your mails so that all the data and the information that is shared and transferred from one location to another are kept safe and sound. That is the reason email tracking has been introduced. Email tracking is an excellent option for those companies and organizations that want to share confidential data and information with their clients and customers as well. Most of the web hosting companies’ offers email hosting services that are really beneficial to these companies.

The web hosting companies offering email service to the customers have to be very cautious about the service. The email hosting has to be done keeping in mind that the data and other information that are transferred are very important and crucial for that particular organization. Email tracking is a very good option to protect these data and information. The web hosting companies that configure email profiles and domain names for those particular companies that need to transfer data provide very good offers that are beneficial to the customers.

Email tracking helps you in many ways. There are a lot of benefits of email tracking. It helps you to keep track of your emails and the tools let you know whether the email was delivered to the right person or not. There are various applications related to email service that helps you to get a fair idea as to when you sent a mail and whether the concerned person received it or not. There are options from various web hosting companies that offer you a secured mailing.

With the help of encryption and secured mailing, the data and the information remain safe with the concerned persons and there is no problem to get it hacked. Thus, you do not have to worry once you choose the right web hosting company for email hosting. Some of the best email hosting services provide you online solutions as well. These companies, via online, solve many issues and thus make the customers completely satisfied. Email tracking also becomes easy with the help of online email service.

Good email service is always rewarded with the help of good reviews. Thus, an email hosting company should have experts in its team who will look after all the email tracking issues and check the emails. They should also check the servers for virus and malware. These people are professionals who will look after the servers and monitor them regularly in case there is any kind of issue with the server or the server is down for some reason. Excellent email service, once provided to a single customer, will affect others as well and other small and large business organizations will come to fetch the same kind of service with the same good quality.

A good email service is always appreciated worldwide by the customers. These appreciations help a particular web hosting company to serve the customers better and make a good profit. If the email service provided by the companies is excellent, then the business organizations will always prefer to come back to that particular web hosting company.

A further extension to Cpwebhostng's commitment to research to make hosting better and simpler. Cp we bhostng technology group has developed an application which embeds right into an email and notifies you whenever your email is read by the recipient of the email your sending your emails to. It is a very handy feature for any business.

You can reliably find out when and where your email is read, how long and how many times your email has been read. in fully featured reporting tool which is protected by your own POP3 password.

You do not need to install any software, plugin or active X it works right from your own hosting account. It will work with any email client that you currently use.

Mail tracker will be free to use a feature for all hosting packages CP Web Hosting offers.

Steps for Using Mail Tracker

mail tracker

Login to your Cpanel, from the Mail section, click on the icon for the Mail Tracker

Select the domain and click on the Submit Query button


and then click on the Enable button