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Several no. of hosted e-commerce solutions are available in the market but to select the one is not very easy as each and every e-commerce solution is having different features, a pattern of usage, quality of product, popularity, and support of a community.
In this article, some of the tops hosted e-commerce solutions are covered. Have a look.

Top Hosted E-Commerce Solutions


Magento was released in 2014. These days its Community Edition 1.9 is famous among youth and Magento 2.0 edition will arrive soon. If it combines with themes of high quality, it assists in developing an online store. It offers no. of useful features with hundreds of high quality and professional templates.


  • The most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress
  • It powers approximately 42% of all eCommerce stores.
  • Rich features
  • Intuitive interface
  • Reliable tool

It is considered as a light application not put a strain on the resources of the server. It is having hundreds of plugins of top class quality to improve it in future. Its themes if used for the site provides the same look and feel. It is easy to set and configure, offers hundreds of themes at affordable prices and mainly used WordPress plugins paid and free both.


Zen Cart

An open source and oldest online shopping cart offer around 2000 professional plugins among which most of them are available for free. It offers pretty features with documentation including wiki, forums, and guides with hundreds of plugins. It is popular too because it permits non-programmers to make the settings in the code as and when required.


In terms of usage, osCommerce is the second most powerful e-commerce solution. It is a light weight store has an easy to use interface offers catalog management for creating online stores. It provides a larger support base with more than 1.5 million forum posts in the community. It has a stock of over 7000 plugins and also offering professional themes.


In terms of usage, OpenCart is continuously rising as compared to other hosted e-commerce solutions. Moreover, here OpenCart 2.0 plays a vital role as after it's release, it becomes more powerful. It has a neat and clean storefront design of the default themes. OpenCart is user-friendly, permits the user to change the layout by editing CSS within admin. It has a no. of options for integrated shipping and payment. Hundreds of professional templates are offered, and few of the themes are free. Thousands of professional plugins are also provided.


A commercial provider runs this online solution offers a set of built-in features covering all the required sales tools such as coupons, cross-selling, and others. It has professional themes and high-quality plugins available at low prices. Supporting options, popular forum with extensive documentation is too offered.


A famous online e-commerce solution popular for the rapid development cycle. Professional templates, rich features, an easy to use admin system all are offered. Additional modules and extensions built by developers can be downloaded from X-Cart at affordable prices or even some for free. Extensive documentation, active community, support options all are offered.


An unpopular hosted e-commerce solution provides with options for advanced filtering. It is an advanced platform created with Ruby on Rails suited to larger online stores provides clients with professional features.


A Joomla counterpart of Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce offers advanced features and hundreds of professional extensions. Users who wish to stick with Joomla only, for them this is a great option. With extensive documentation and good support, it is an excellent option.


The above-listed e-commerce solutions are required, whether building a large web store or store having few products. It can be developed on top of Joomla, Drupal, WordPress or stand-alone applications can also be used.
Here we have covered the best few ones; a list is there. However, if tried by someone, it will not disappoint them.