As you, all know that windows or operating system have hostnames for identifying the windows server. The host file is a simple or plain text file that has no file extension which is used to map or override IP addresses. Operating system and windows contain host files which act as an internal domain name system. The plain text file is conventionally called hosts. In today’s time, it has taken a more important role on the internet to protect windows from spyware and other related things like ad blocking and so on.

Host file windows server 2008 means the host file is kept on windows server 2008 for protecting files from virus and other things. It keeps the file safe and secure. Or in other words, host file is used for translating the address and redirection of them. It means the browser or operating system first checks host file for the domain before querying domain name system for domain IP address name which you want to visit and if host file found then the browser gets the file content from the server’s IP address that has indicated in the domain name. Through this, you can make use of host files for website blocking, website redirection, and filtering.

Purpose of Host Files

The host file is basically a system facility which assists network nodes for addressing in a computer network. It is common to IP network which translate hostnames into numeric IP addresses which then used for identifying a host in an IP network. The IP addresses are user-friendly means the user can understand and identify easily that address. Every server has unique IP address thus host files are different for every server. In host file, a text line is written which contain IP address in the first line and then in the second line host name, and they are separated by space and in these sometimes comment lines are also present. In windows, host files are very important to identify servers address.

How to Open and Edit Host Files

You can open host file in a simple text editor like notepad and can modify it but only at the permission. After opening, you can make changes to the host file by inserting your own comments for identification. The host file is also used for ad blocking and content filtering. These files are used for blocking sites, and you can block them by redirecting a file on the browser but make sure the files are from a legitimate source before redirecting them because if not then these files can be used maliciously or for illegal purposes.

To prevent malicious attacks you need to make changes in the settings you have to make host file to “read only” then no one can attack your server because if the file has allowed changes, then the site you want to visit look correct but the content of the site can come from another site. A dummy page is created if not change settings which can cause serious trouble. Thus, make sure that the windows host file is safe and protected from unauthorized users.