Feed The Beast is one of the most popular custom game. It is offered in the Minecraft scene. Commonly it is referred as FTB. It was originated as a challenge scenario that is implemented via various technical modifications. It was quite difficult to present repeat playability and excellent engagement to the player. Its platform allows for an FTB server to record the player progression over the sequence of challenges. This game was inspired by Sky Block, which is basically isolated player game with barely anything available unless they unlocked the stages by completing the tasks at hand.

FTB server hosting, is quick and affordable. If you are just getting started with Minecraft hosting to check out then, you should go through the guide on how to make a Minecraft. The Gold Package is the preferred option for feed the beast servers. It offers the latest plugins and preferences available for FTB servers and also includes the very popular Unleashed version. When you are going to select the FTB server provider for hosting at that time you need to make sure that you are choosing a company that will offer you customer service.

The mod pack includes several mods from various mod developers, including some exclusives mods. Few of these mods are forestry, thaumcraft 3, xycraft, red power, forge, NEI, computer craft etc. The original mod pack was launched on 10, November, 2012 and was followed by a live stream by slowpoke101, the head of the Feed The Beast team. The mod packs were created in collaboration with many of the mod authors and FTB is quite unique in the respect that it requires all mods used to have clearly stated permission to distribute again before a pack can be added to the launcher.

Minecraft Relation with FTB

FTB is a group of people who makes mod packs, maps, and media for Minecraft. Feed the Beast originally started as a sky block challenge map, using mainly technical mods and soon became beloved by all but a more streamlined way of installing them was required. Feed the Beast is a collection of mod packs for the popular Minecraft sandbox game. It was designed to enhance the game. Feed The Beast renders an easy way to play modded Minecraft without having to go through the hassle of installing each mod manually every time a player plays it. All mods in FTB are optimized and made compatible with each other in order to create a smooth and enjoyable game play experience. A person can buy servers from Host Sponsor providers with one click install of their favorite FTB Content or else if he has got his own server then he can install FTB on his server.

FTB Up Gradation

From 1 June 2015, players can download any or all of the 49 public mod packs using Feed The Beast launcher. Of these mod packs, 32 are listed as official FTB packs & remaining 17 mod packs are from third-party packs hosted on the FTB launcher. To run the FTP game, there are two ways to do this. From those two ways, one is to do it own a person's own computer.

Editing Rules of FTB Servers

There are few FTB rules, which you need to know when you host FTB servers. They are :

• You should be a registered user to add your server.

• To add a new row, you have to use the {{Server}} template. For this you can look at the previous listings as an example.

• You need to add your server to the bottom of the page, after all earlier listed servers.

• You need to keep your description short and to the point.

• Use the “Show Preview” button before saving it. So that you can make sure that your entry looks right.


Its Morpheus mod offers the facility of server to vote on skipping the night by sleeping in a bed to its Players. If 50% or more of the Players are in bed, then the server will skip the night. Moreover, the server owner can even change the percentage which is required to skip the night, in the mod's config file. As Morpheus is a server side mod, so it may be useful in some cases, to include it on the client side. So that it should work in ‘open to LAN'.

Mostly modpacks on the Feed the Beast launcher comes with a server version which helps you to easily setup a server to play with your friends. You can easily download the server version to setup yourself easily. You can go onto the launcher and can select the modpack that you want to play or also by navigating to the modpacks page on the website. Its hosting page offers you guide facility that let you know how to install the server software on your own server. On the other hand you can buy a server from a FTB server hosting company.

Your Own Server

It’s very easy to install a Feed the Beast server. For this purpose you need to follow some steps to install FTB modpacks on VPSs, dedicated servers or home computers. FTB was originated as a custom challenge map in Minecraft which made heavy use of multiple tech mods. It is played similar as a type of map that is known as SkyBlock.


To download FTP in an individual's personal computer, first thing is to download the server from http://www.feed-the-beast.com/server-download. Next is to extract all the files into a folder that looks like PIC, next is edit the start.bat or the start.sh that is Mac and Linux or Xms512M & Xmx1G. This is the lowest and most high amount of ram the server can use & one can edit it to person's liking. Next step is to start the server. Now server is ready to use for playing games, especially for Feed The Beast if that is chosen by an individual.

If s person does not want to go for steps mentioned, then he can opt for buying a server from a host provider. While doing it he requires taking care of few things. One most important thing is that he has to ask for support which will be given by host provider after buying server from it and what is the uptime.


Feed The Beast better known as FTB can be enjoyed by any person who love to play games. If this is a choice of a person then definitely he can play it but keeping in mind few things which make his playing experience looks live.