Today the life which we all are living, we don’t have so much time in that, as we are very busy with our hectic schedules. If we consider this in our daily business, then to lead, we need to be in touch with our customers and for this, we need to communicate to them. For this, various modes are available such as phone, mail, chat, letter etc. but the most convenient mode is talking to them on a phone as it makes things between two people clear at the same time and removes confusion.

But what to say, entrepreneurs are so busy that they don’t even like to hold their phone in their hands for so long as it disturbs them. However, talking to customers is also important, so if there is any device which allows them to receive their calls without holding mobile phones in their hands and they can talk on same for so long to lead their business, what is better than this.

So, here comes Bluetooth Headset.

Bluetooth Headset

A Bluetooth is a very common term, definitely you all heard somewhere. Now see Bluetooth headset, it is considered as a device which permits you to connect with others via your mobile phone, smartphone. Rather than using cables or wires, it makes use of radio waves to enable connectivity between two devices.

It is a wireless technology meant for short range communication between two devices. It is very popular these days as it is found in almost every product which we use in our daily life. These including smartphones, mobile phones, laptops, headsets and portable speakers.

Bluetooth headset is a product having Bluetooth technology, contains a computer chip of very small size inside of it. This computer chip contains the Bluetooth radio and software that allows devices to enable connection between each other.

Thus, products such as smartphones, mobile phones in which Bluetooth is enabled when comes closer to each other, connection or pairing is formed between them. And now you are able to enjoy the music or can talk on the phone without using cords, cables or wires.

After understanding this, now you want to know, how it works. See how…

Pair with a Phone

If you wish that your Bluetooth headset will work with your smartphone or other phone, you need to pair or connect both devices i.e. Bluetooth headset must be paired with your phone. Now you need to follow given steps:

  1. First of all you must be sure that your Bluetooth headset is completely charged, if not, charge first as without being charged, task cannot be completed. Then make it turn on and after this check its compatibility with smartphone with which you wish to connect.
  2. Next, your phone must be turn on. After this, go to Settings option as mostly feature of Bluetooth is given in Settings.
  3. When you found feature, select same.(Important note; When your feature of Bluetooth is turn on, a signal will be sent by the phone and it began scanning for those devices in which Bluetooth is enabled and turn on, for instance, your headset.)As we are discussing here for Bluetooth headset, so continue with the same.
  4. When headset is founded by your phone, in list of devices you can see option of headset also. Then you are required to enter a PIN number so that both devices can be paired or connect with each other. The PIN number which we are discussing here is the number which comes with your headset. Mostly it is seen that the pin number is 0000.
  5. When both devices connect to each other, all your incoming and outgoing calls will be automatically connected or transferred to your Bluetooth headset, only, if it is turned on and you can easily talk to the second person without using your hands. And you are not required to repeat the same process.

Tips for Troubleshooting

  1. If anything happens wrong, first turn off everything and then repeat pairing process.
  2. Next you are required to check your headphone batteries and if they are not charged, completely charged them.
  3. Check the compatibility between your phone and headset.

If still your problem persist, check headset manufacturer’s instruction manual or their website.

At last, I like to say that this device allows you to form good and proper communication with your customers at your convenience, which leads to good.