The Ananova team focuses on the following social media platforms for business-related campaigns.

Ananova's research work, reports, facts, and logic are freely available for visitors' review and audit. The website team shares content, illustrations, imagographics, colorful images, videos, interviews, and much more to help web hosting prospects distinguish facts from hype and subjectivity and compare their options accurately. analyzes more than 100 data points, downtime, new, deleted, transferred domains, and social media sentiment to develop comprehensive, impartial reviews of web hosting providers that cannot be found anywhere else.

Ananova's campaign management strategy involves comparing the hosting resources and prices, thus helping consumers to make confident decisions on their web hosting investments. The website with SiteGeek conducts a survey to evaluate hosting plans and hosting provider services effectiveness. Tracking visitors' responses help determine the desired goals and results. Ananova's team analyzes the support types and time taken to respond by these various web hosting providers.

Ananova followers receive an email whenever a new post is shared. The website team has regularly participated in different online seminars for the last two years, contributing to its research results. Furthermore, it also helps the customers in resolving their issues or problems. The team shares solutions, latest development, and news to its various digital assets. Through multi-channel and disparate tools, the website tries to increase its reach. The website asks a favor from customers to share their feedback to understand the new requirements & needs. 

The new customer acquisition is much more complicated than retaining the existing ones. Providing the best support is critical to the hosting provider for a better customer acquisition perspective. The website runs a campaign to highlight the companies offering the best support. The visitor's response is segmented on age, gender, demographic, hosting category, & personas. Defining customer personas and dividing them into groups helps determine the hosting required by various customers. Ananova is selective in circulating the posts to these groups based on clearly defined differentiators and values. Ananova campaigns stand out in this highly competitive hosting market.