cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel which provides a graphical interface with automation tools which is designed to simplify the process of hosting. It utilizes 3 tier structures that provide capabilities
for resellers, administrators, and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of a site. It provides server administration through a standard web browser.
Also in GUI, cPanel has command line and API-based access which allows third-party software vendors, developers, and the web hosting organizations to automate standard system administration processes.

cPanel Most Popular Features

cPanel offers the nearly unlimited number of possibilities in the way a user can manage their website or server. The top feature of cPanel is that it alone allows each user to fully manage their online presence professionally for which minimal training required. It helps to run your website with ease. It has tools to let you run your site successfully on the terms of Email, Security, File Management, Domain Management, etc.
It has secure server management system. Command line scripts are available for the most advanced users found on VPS and dedicated servers. It helps to save your time by working on the command line to quickly configure, investigate the issues and execute commands.

Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine which sold as a service by Internet hosting services. It runs its copy of an operating system, and it offers superuser-level access to the customer’s operating system instance. That is why they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.
A virtual private server web hosting (VPS) is a method which divides a physical server computer into multiple servers. So, each has the capabilities and appearance of running on its dedicated machine.

Features of Virtual Private Server Web Hosting:

  • It provides a balance between the control and power of a dedicated server.
  • Its price is very reasonable as compared to shared web hosting.
  • It offers an excellent way of optimizing hosting investments.
  • In VPS, the actual hardware server partitioned into many isolated environments.
  • Each environment or space of the device has its server software, mail server, and independent software instances and services.
  • It reduces the compromise that shared web hosting has.
  • All over it offers a distinct benefit regarding performance and security as compared to shared web hosting.

cPanel VPS Hosting

cPanel is the industry standard web hosting control panel. It allows you to access all kinds of features easily and quickly. It provides you the facility of quickly installing traditional blogging or forum software to handling custom databases. By combining cPanel with the impressive power of a virtual private server, cPanel VPS hosting created. It provides you control and stability.
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide an efficient way to scale hosting solutions with affordable and flexible configurations. It has a level of customization that goes beyond shared hosting. It provides you full accesses to server resources without invest on a dedicated server. You can upgrade your hosting plan time to time.
A cPanel VPS hosting option provides value-added services, like – multiple domain management, intuitive DNS management, automated backups, easy installation of PEAR packages, Perl modules and Ruby on Rails applications directly. Managing a server with cPanel VPS hosting maximizes the development time across one or many sites. It provides easy access to server logs, updated settings, and security updates.
cPanel VPS hosting offers 24/7 technical support. Currently, it is used by millions of users. Mostly cPanel VPS hosting company provides 99.9% uptime with industry-leading load times. There are few companies offering free domain facility also.