What comes with WordPress integration for communities that use WordPress?

Tapatalk 2 now comes with WordPress integration for communities that use WordPress as their primary or main systems for blogs and articles.

Tapatak 2 was discovered last January and around 50,000 communities present on the web presents their forums and discussions and its first edition has just received its first major update which brings very important new features and several improvements which are notable. But one thing is to notice that in order to use these new features for the community, first of all, official tapatalk 2 should be install from WordPress.org

Another important new feature in the new version of Tapatalk 2 is an integration of DropBox.

Several months ago, DropBox introduced a new API which is basically designed for easy syncing of files across various applications and devices. The first application which takes advantage of the new API suite is none other than the DropBox-acquired Mailbox.

And now we are talking about Tapatalk 2, which allows you to upload photographs on forums and discussions from your DropBox.

The newly updated Tapatalk 2 also includes the following improvements:

Searching of items can be done easily: Users can now search for the required topics by filter them category wise and subcategory wise (i.e. a sub-forum) or search for the specific post in a thread by writing the topics in search bar which will be displayed in the topic listing or discussion view.

Supporting GIF Animation: Tapatalk 2 has another enhancement in which it support and display GIF animation

Page change: You can now change pages in a long discussion by moving left and right quickly.

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements: Its new version is available as a free update in the application which is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 6.0 or later.


It is very important to access important files in just one go for those people who work on multiple computers and devices. DropBox allows us to store and share our files in an easy way and that is why it is known as the fastest-growing free services on the web. DropBox service-related plugins for WordPress are popping up everywhere and that is why the services of the DropBox play an important part of its user’s workflow. There are few creative ways by which we can integrate the WordPress site with our DropBox account. There are 9 DropBox plugins which can be used for WordPress.

What are the features of DropBox?

We can get all the stuff from our computers, phones, or tablets by putting all the stuff in DropBox. With this we can also edit documents, automatically add photos, and show off videos from anywhere.

DropBox states that you should work with your team but in that case privacy matters so it is necessary that you should control who sees what and after this you can share photos with friends and other members.

All the stuff is safe in DropBox or it can be restored in a snap and all the files with AES-256 bit encryption will be saved in a DropBox.

DropBox is very useful for business because millions of people use this at their workplace. Thus they get the power and security of DropBox, robust admin controls, good support, and the required space.