Killing Floor is a game developed by Shatterline, produced, published and distributed by Tripwire Interactive, Iceberg Interactive. Platform is given by Microsoft Windows & operated on OS X & Linux. Date of release was 2005 for mod & directed to consumers on 14, May, 2009. Killing Floor was originally a total conversion mod for the game Unreal Tournament 2004, first released in 2005. The sequel of it is Killing Floor 2 which was announced by PC Gamer magazine in May 2014. Killing Floor was one of the top-selling game on Steam shortly after it was released. It is initially available for free of cost so that a person gets addicted to it & afterward it becomes difficult for a player to leave the game. However, a person has to pay for that enjoyment within a week, if he can afford to do that.

Gaming options with Killing Floor Server

Killing Floor allows each player to move via 3D environment. Gameplay consists two game types. In these games the player fights waves of zombie-like specimens. And each wave becomes successively more difficult, until it concludes with a battle against “boss” specimen, which is called the Patriarch. Players earn money for each kill, and also earns for surviving to the end of a wave. Meanwhile, the players can visit a trader to buy or sell armor, ammo and additional weapons, like pipe bombs, katanas, etc. between each waves. The Trader's location on the level differs at the end of each wave. It discourages players from camping in one location. Weapons can also be randomly found across the level. It encourages the players to work together. They can trade items by dropping money. Healing is more effective on other players than on oneself, and the team can also strategically weld doors that are shut to provide a temporary barrier from the oncoming crowd while funneling the other creatures from the specific areas.

Players can select one of seven perks at the start of a match and in between rounds too. The perk is similar to the idea of a character class. It provides bonuses towards certain weapon types, movement, armor and other factors. Players can level up by each perk for increasing the benefits which it offers. For example, the “Sharpshooter” perk, provides accuracy benefits when you use scoped rifles. It can be raised in level via completing a number of headshots with specific weapons. Players who die during a wave will drop their current weapon and will re-enter in the game at the start of the next wave, as long as at least one squad member survives. If the whole squad is wiped out, then they will have to restart the game from the first round.

Each game can be configured, and you can alter the difficulty of the various waves and the length. The number of creatures in the enemy waves in the game depends on the number. It increases in numbers if in progress more players join the game. The weakest enemies have some special attack which can inflict significant damage on a player. Killing Floor 2 is the upcoming sequel of Killing Floor. Currently this game is in closed beta and it is scheduled for early access on April 21st 2015 on Steam.

Still it consists of up to six players who try to survive on waves of Zeds, and their goal is to complete all the waves. There are many details also which has been changed without touching the popular formula. Moreover, these changes are of high-quality execution and makes the game stand out among its peers in the first place. This release will offer you with full mod support.

Killer Floor Hosting

Step by step process is available on the internet for an individual who wants to know how to host a killing floor server. An individual can also buy it from another service provider. After buying it, he can host it further. From May 2012, the method to install and update the dedicated servers for killing floor has changed. It uses Steam's new byte patching command line client, instead of the older file-based HLDS update tool that is no longer maintained. To install, a user needs to visit store at and create a new Steam account, which will be used to authorize user's installation. User does not require having ownership of game within this account, and it is purely used for upgrading the server files.


There are various ways for playing different games. One of them is to play a game on killing floor server. Killing floor server is a server that allows players to connect with each other with the help of internet used commonly by everyone or right away through a private network of user itself. Killing floor is a game that can be experienced in an awesome way with a group of friends as user's.