A Dedicated Server would be a big financial investment. It comprises big list of benefits, choice to install OS, user choice that how many websites he wants to host on a machine. Owner is responsible for safeguarding it’s website and ensuring its welfare. In dedicated infrastructure, there are number of maintenance and management issues. Owners need to build these safeguarding processes in their routine work for assuring dedicated server are safe and secure data.

For protecting your machine you make sure that it is in safe physical location. Physical location can defend against cyber threats which exist on internet.

By encryption cyber threats can shield off when accessing websites. All credentials is safe and encrypted by using SSH/SCP. It will become unavailable when attacker wants to access them.

Password plays very essential part in security of your server so make sure that you generate solid passwords like Random.org. Never put a number series in password which could be easy to remember but simple brute force anyone can hack the passwords. Even bit of common sense or simple task to hack worst passwords.


Protecting against viruses is a main concern of server but some how many people forget to do this. Antivirus installation and updation of antivirus should have top priority in your procedure.

An antivirus solution simultaneously works with email software and use real time protection. Antivirus solution schedule scan a daily, weekly and monthly. When you browse internet from server then real time protection is must. Another option for Dedicated server is McAfee/Diskeeper bundle solution which is enterprise level anti-virus solution. This protection comes with real time virus protection, email protection and some other protection for protecting server against malicious threats.


Firewall protects your server by setting up open and closed ports to incoming traffic. There are two type of firewall option and one should be used at a time.

i) A passive hardware Firewall : particular set allowed or blocked for getting access of WebPages, site or server. This kind of firewall protection is good for private client membership website. But bad firewall protection for e-commerce websites.

ii) A re-active software Firewall : Re-active firewall monitors connection of your server and ports. This measures IP addresses and ranges which attempt many connection, tried incorrect passwords. It maintains a balance between security and public access of your website.

DDOS protection

Denial of Service attack (DDOS) is most vulnerable attack which would put you in hurdle. It loads website so many times which will consume resources of servers. Websites goes down when they have no protection against DDOS. By using CDN network with active firewall, you can mitigate this attack. CDN network caches your websites by saving bandwidth of your server.

Failover Options

The use of dedicated server is increasing by which sites become more popular. It increases level of traffic. When your website is getting high traffic, needs an effective failover option. Failover take involvement of distribution of resources which makes DDOS useless.

Users should keep backup server in case of initial server crash. If you have backup server then at time of natural disaster or power failure your company web site will not go down and remain available to all customers.