aims to demystify complex technical web hosting concepts. Using 24/7 tracking of over 40,000 web hosting providers, analyzes more than 100 data points, downtime, new, deleted, transferred domains, and social media sentiment to develop comprehensive, impartial web hosting provider reviews.

The website expert team is involved in research with systematic data collection, methodology, hypothesis, and final reports. It uncovers insights of web hosting companies located in any part of the world and makes them freely and quickly available to web hosting prospects or consumers.

The Ananova receives thousands of reviews, the latest news, developments, and other raw data for different hosting consumers having different perspectives and persona. Thus, it helps position various hosting plans and services from different providers and create comparisons. Every customer has different needs and requirements, and the hosting plans offered to align to a different niche. Many may be looking for shared hosting or cloud hosting, and few may be for VPS or dedicated servers, as each product has various benefits and target customers. The reviews received and their numbers also differ for different hosting types of customers. Ananova lists hosting providers' hosting plans, whereas SiteGeek lists the hosting providers themselves. Both websites engage visitors with these listings and ask them to follow for new comments, reviews, or latest developments or news. Therefore, shape the platforms as hosting web industry demystified. 

The Ananova impulsive insights help the customers distinguish facts from hype and subjectivity and compare their options accurately. Periodically these are made available on the website for free at a reasonable time with measures to reach, engage, nurture and create maximum value to the prospective hosting consumers.

Ananova claims that these insights are viewed in more than 100 countries, which is why Ananova looks to define and implement the campaign to deliver the solutions for most consumer issues. Ananova aims to create an ideal web hosting environment where businesses thrive online, with increased leads, website traffic, conversions, downloads, likes, followers, and more.

The prime purpose of Ananova is to empower individuals, web developers, and businesses to make educated buying decisions when researching web hosting solutions. The web reviews received by the website are quantifiable components used by experts for research work and clarify the alignment of the purpose of actions. Studies are analyzed and randomly tested for genuineness. The research on Ananova is a continuous sustain process. Data is collected monthly, quarterly, and yearly is tested with secondary data and appropriately compared so that results obtained have worth and trusted.

After a customer is acquired, the hosting provider's actions to satisfy its needs and requirement are crucial. A hosting provider must have a sensible strategy with comprehensive solutions for the most common problems or issues. A satisfied customer may share its positive perception, belief, and experience as endorsements. Hosting companies strategize this very clearly: they need to help customers 24×7, thus to thrive their brand and position in the hosting market. It is what Ananova covers and asks the customers to reach to share hosting experiences and problems.