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Web Hosting Creative Campaign1

A hosting provider disseminates news about a company, the latest developments in the hosting business, and various security issues or breaches. These are part of its marketing campaign to resonate best with the hosting prospects. They share creative concepts like imagographics, images, videos & PPT's to capture audience interest, influence their emotional response, and inspire them to make buying decisions. The creatives include the Sternberg proposed five components: expertise, imaginative thinking skills; a venturesome personality; intrinsic motivation; and a creative environment that sparks, supports, and refines creative ideas. The companies take it as a win-win situation when they receive favorable reviews, comments, or feedback. A hosting company takes this approach to develop and implement steps for long-term business growth.

The hosting provider runs independent review & rating websites, where they ask the visitors to rate the companies based on various attributes and comment on them. Mostly these are five-star ratings, where a visitor has to click from 1 to 5 stars. Based on the responses, a hosting provider gets a rough idea for a creative concept that further gets tested. They use different fonts and colors, photography, or illustrations, graphic design is developed for a general idea. The campaign is developed based on various demographics like age, sex, size, mood, location, and more. The concept is tested on a smaller population before disseminating to the masses.

The hosting industry continuously changes with new developments, updates, and upgrades, and they need to be constantly communicated with the hosting customers. Most hosting customers don't have enough time to read long files in a busy environment. An image is equivalent to thousand characters. Thus, hosting companies use creative concepts to capture the audience's attention. The new ideas bring new ways of thinking and problem solving thus, bringing uniqueness and diversity. Sharing those ideas helps the hosting providers share experiences and consistency across messages and materials.

The hosting providers develop creative concepts more like an ad with the criteria of catching of interest, relevance, credibility, retentivity, continuity the more it will be successful. Thus, tests which of their attributes are most appealing to the consumers. Consumers available on various social media channels comment or provide feedback, as it is the provider's purpose to tie them with the campaign. The research and marketing team continuously figure out which big ideas resonate with the hosting consumers and develop creative concepts. The research findings and strategic insights by various review websites like,, & help them to make strategy and creative beliefs.

It's a sustained job for a web hosting marketing team to develop a creative concept periodically. Time taken for such developments is usually a few days to 1-2 months, depending on campaign size, idea, and social media channels selected for dissemination. The company management and marketing team conducts several brainstorming sessions or meetings to develop creative beliefs and disseminate them to targeted customers appropriately.

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