Website Mobile Responsive

1. Jetpack by WordPress

33 features are there in this plugin so that it can do more to make any website responsive. A user can use mobile themes to create a mobile-ready website and can adapt it according to his own needs. If anybody knows CSS and PHP then he can further alter his theme.

It is easy to integrate with Google+ page and a user can improve the speed of site loads using verification tools by Photon.

  • Make mobile-friendly website.
  • Increase loading times.
  • Adapt theme which is suitable to a website.

2. Mobile Plugin which is WP touch

User's website on a desktop computer but look like same as on a mobile device. It is not perfect for many websites as websites have more functions and options on the desktop website. Some websites and brands would be there that make it simple. Some extra functions are not required by websites which are simple to use and can make in a simple format.

  • To keep things simple use mobile theme only.
  • People can still switch between the mobile version and regular version.
  • Make website and content be updated easily.

3. Mobile Press

This plugin makes a website responsive by using responsive themes. It helps to install customized themes and mobile friendly settings. Future mobile devices will support this field as it is a very simple plugin. If there was a choice between displaying the right theme and detecting a mobile browser then there is no lag in a plugin.

  • All Operating systems and web browsers are suitable for themes.
  • There is no need for regular updates by plugins.
  • Make the website mobile friendly.

4. Mobile Detector Plugin of WP

This plugin is used to choose the theme while accessing the website. It is used to detect the device which is accessing the user website and bring a theme that is more suitable for their device. To pick the right theme it is good as it features on the list. It recognizes the device which is used by more than a current web browser. Around 5000 different mobile devices are detected which means it is possible to adapt the website and website theme will be suitable to all of them. It is better for catching errors. More functions should be added to attract viewers like widgets, dynamic page loading, collapsible menus, cross-platform compatibility and touch-optimized layouts.

  • Detect around 5000 different mobile devices.
  • Right device can receive right theme
  • More functions are to be added to operate perfectly.

5. Mobile Theme Switcher

On a plugin directory, user can set up the plugin and load mobile themes. When anybody will look at the website it detects the browser which is being used and send right theme for accommodating. It allows a user to display different homepages for various mobile devices to sell Apple or Blackberry users. All the important aspects are:

  • W3 Total Cache helps in working.
  • QR codes have mobile bookmarking.
  • For different mobile browsers show different home pages.

6. Mobile Plugin has elegant themes

Themes of this plugin are held according to requirements. If any user integrates this app with current website and pick a mobile friendly theme. To twing the layouts and designs that user would like and that is all user want to need. A user can choose a mobile theme that is similar in format and design on the desktop website.

  • A plugin can detect the theme apply to a device.
  • Total 87 mobile themes are there.

7. Mobile Pack 2.0+ of WP

This plugin provides a tool to take a website and adjust it to mobile browsers. A new theme should be added that can be sent to the viewer depending on mobile browsers which are being used. A user can alter his website with tools to make responsive and mobile friendly.

  • All mainstream browsers are supported.
  • With your website, it allows doing many things.
  • An abundance of control over own website of a user.

8. Mobile Edition of WP

The plugin helps to turn users website into a mobile-only website. With the help of this plugin, user can access a website on a desktop but in the same way as on a mobile device. This kind of thing is suitable for users website. If any mobile theme has cut down version of a bigger desktop website then after plugin will not be suitable for the website. It is a good plugin still has a slight info on WP plugin directory page. Some illustrations are:

  • To your website make some changes.
  • The same theme is applicable on a desktop and mobile devices both.
  • Users are allowed to forth themes and to switch back.

9. Mobile iThemes

It is a website offering plugins which allows us to use themes created for mobile templates. After visiting the website by the user, a website allows showing mobile themes.

  • A user can build his own website.
  • Control over navigation and menus.
  • A large number of platforms are supported.

10. Mobile Smart

If a mobile browser is looking at this plugin then it switches website to a mobile theme. A user can switch between desktop and mobile versions. Three options are available for switching user which are template tag, widget or footer option. All the elements are rescaled which includes images also.

  • Manual switcher allows viewer more control over what they are looking.
  • A theme switcher is packaged with simple design and template tags help a user.