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Hosting Community is Cleansing Force

President Wilson in a talk before the press club in New York said “Force can sometimes hold things steady until opinion has time to form, but no force that was ever exerted, except in response to that opinion, was ever a conquering or predominant force”.
Media is a powerful source and its coverage is increasing day by day. It is playing a vital role in bringing misleads in front of the people. Role of media in hosting industry doesn't seem to be so much prevalent. Uptil the companies have been taking their activities as granted. There was nobody who can criticize them for their deeds. But with the need the growth of groups, forums, review and rating websites started taking place, playing the role of online media.
Hosting companies enjoy their freedom of being online. Now, different countries are coming up with cyber laws to curb misleads of any of such company. In the absence of any centralized regulatory, companies in few of the counties cannot be corrected by law, as cyber law in their land is not so strong.
The activities of the online media in this regard are significant and striking. Hosing community preconceived attitude is intensified and weakened by the information, reports and news provided by the media. Radical change the online media has provides is that the visitor’s of the website is informed and cannot be ignored or fooled in a continuing manner. Online media has also forced the hosting companies to understand the growing awareness of customers and their vital opinion.
It is obvious that everybody runs its company to earn profits. In Hosting industry this profit % varies from company to company. Very few companies do share the information about their investment, cost incurred to maintain the standards, % of returns and whether it is reasonable. The keep their business information secret and sometimes becomes a reason of conflict with their customers.
In this competitive world, businesses are cutting their profit margins to gain new customers and regain old ones. They try to settle down the customer’s mind towards the low price per utility. Pretend them as transparent by providing full disclosure. Extensive use of mass communication technologies has forced hosting companies to become more responsible. The voice of customers have become more audible and there is acceleration the process of speedy and multiplication of ideas.
Rising price levels heightened economic activity, but in hosting industry prices have been decreasing with increase in resources and world has changed from traditional markets to online markets. Increase in competition has brought speediest upward economic swing, amalgamation of big business into bigger and better business. Hosting companies do recognized the need to persuade hosting community on which their business and goodwill is depended.
Hosting companies started the development of attitude, directions and even policies to build goodwill and understanding among hosting community members, integrated with each other. They have realized that with changing conditions and times public interest changes and to anticipate this business must change with change in policies and actions.
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