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Addressing Customer Problems or Issues

Addressing Customer Problems or Issues

A hosting customer often comes to the technical expert support team with a problem to be addressed. The team needs to understand the problem properly by analyzing the situation and creating a problem statement. How can you suggest a solution without understanding the problem? The hosting companies run a communication campaign with soft skills training to address this challenge. The 5 W (who, what, when, where, why) and 1H (how) describes the problem statement. Who has the problem – tells the customer who reached it? What is a problem – means the nature of the issue? When does the problem arise – after which event or customer activity? Where is the problem – at the customer end or provider end? Why does it occur – its reason? The solution entirely depends on the problem statement. The team researches or already being aware of this solution or does the brainstorming session to ensure the most feasible and consistent solution.

There are a lot of questions asked before suggesting the solution to a hosting customer. Will it work – if that issue occurred earlier, and how was it resolved? Is it the correct answer – success percentage? Is it going to reach customer satisfaction? Does it involve extra fees, resources, or a hosting plan change? How to contact a customer via email, phone, or any other communication channel concerning the issue or problem?

An expert searches the Internet and query for each viable solution to ensure the success rate, how many used that solution, and whether their issues got fully resolved. How many customers with competitors facing a similar problem? Before suggesting the answer, the expert often tests it by creating a similar environment.

The creative team develops images with content or videos to add solutions to the knowledge base for these issues. Each creative contains a headline, tagline, key visual, and content that complements the idea and serves as a catalyst for discussion. If it's a piece of new information, the hosting provider often looks to do its press release and disseminate the information to maximum media channels.
Often PR or communication or the marketing department is in the regular hunt for such information, which they pitch with their products or services, thus to gain market share and recognition. They expect to gain traffic, leads, and new customers. The visitors also have high expectations of getting the same value as shown.

All done to help customers!

The customer comes up with problems or issues, and a hosting provider resolves them with the available solutions, but with that, a shout in all media goes to create its brand awareness. As the company offers the best support, available 24×7 and its expert technical team help customers resolve all of their issues. Some issues are beyond the existing knowledge, requiring further research; if acquired, it's disseminated to the market to gain a favorable response.

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