Joomla Hosting

The most popular software used to organize, build, publish or manage content for blogs, web and mobile applications, websites, and intranets.

  • Develop professional, user-friendly website with appealing graphics and smooth animations
  • Open Source Content Management System (CMS)
  • Freely available to everyone.
  • Thousands of extensions and templates available through a dedicated catalog of resources – Joomla Extension Directory (JED).
  • SEO extensions: To optimize websites for major search engines like Google. Its features include Google tags manager support, Google Analytics, 404's redirect, search engine friendly URL's, customization of page description and title.
  • Joomla includes over 550000 lines of code and developed using PHP and Javascript, which allows it to run on most modern web server systems.
  • Multi-lingual system and supports 68 languages for the core CMS. Core translations and many other extension developers use the Transifex translation platform to permit secure contributions to expanding this international reach.
  • Support: Items listed are identified and appropriately maintained and licensed by an active volunteer team, who also works with the volunteer Joomla Vulnerability Extensions List team.

Downloads: 80+ million

Target Customers – Joomla Hosting

  • Small to Large Businesses and Government websites
  • used across the world to power websites of all size including corporate intranets and extranets, corporate portals or websites, small business websites, e-commerce and online reservations, nonprofit and organizational websites, government applications, personal or family homepages and community-based portals