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HostPapa acquires SecureLive

HostPapa, Inc., is continuing its growth strategy by acquiring the security brand SecureLive, previously owned by Add2Net, Inc., alongside other supporting brands.

Founded in 2008, SecureLive proactively protects websites through real-time continuous scanning to identify and block attacks, detecting and ejecting hackers before they can compromise websites or potentially intrude on sensitive information.

The acquisition of SecureLive further strengthens HostPapa's position in the United States marketplace and further builds upon its capabilities to provide security solutions for businesses of all sizes. Other assets in the acquisition include HostLabs, a premium infrastructure, and a cloud provider.

HostPapa CEO Jamie Opalchuk said: “We'd like to welcome each SecureLive customer to the HostPapa family. We look forward to helping these small business owners enhance their protection from hackers and other business threats.”

Commenting on the acquisition, he added: “Through this acquisition, we strengthen our commitment to providing both SMBs and larger organizations across the world, and specifically in the market in the United States, with market-leading security solutions, supported by robust technology and world-class technical support.”

For SecureLive customers, the acquisition means access to better infrastructure and a broad portfolio of fully-featured cloud products, backed by expert customer service ー multilingual, available 24/7 by phone, email, or chat ー and powered by renewable green energy. To ensure a seamless and hassle-free transition, HostPapa will prioritize upgrading all the newly acquired customers' infrastructure and enhancing their current support coverage and potential portfolio of services.

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Source: Press Release
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Date: May 7, 2020

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