Friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family members, and relatives give a lot of word-of-mouth publicity to your business. When you go to various seminars, conferences, programs, and events, you meet people and they get added to your network. Often in business meetings, people meet with certain priorities and exchange cards or emails, so in future can reconnect. Its good to be in touch regularly with everybody, collaborate and mutually supportive.

Genuine Networking

The reconnect with business acquaintances done by reaching out personally and thoughtfully. You can connect with the peers on social media platforms, Whatsapp groups or even build a one-to-one relationship. This networking is completely different from building a fanbase, it should not be faked or purchased like purchasing thousands of fans through Facebook Ads. The fake audience would never care for you or to your content. A network is built on trust, where people can count on each other.

Agenda & Specific Reasons

Most people do networking with an agenda of promoting each other business, where it is right-fit, thus thriving each-other's business. Thus networking start translating into revenues. Peers share ideas and peak experiences. People remain bonded in-network for specific reasons which connect them with other people. They learn about other's businesses, gradually and eventually start building trust and show how really they can help on which others reciprocate. From your network, you would find people eager to work with you, that is what makes a huge positive difference. Networking provides an opportunity to learn new things and grow. The more we network, the more is content consumption and more we take values and priorities.