The .NET technologies feature is not available to the users who have Linux as their platform. A Windows hosting plan needs to be chosen if you own a website based on the Microsoft.NET plan of hosting. But remember, if you go for an ASP without the .NET technology, then the Linux people will offer little support for it.

Only a Windows hosting plan can support Access databases. Being a Microsoft product, Access cannot run on a Linux operating system, but only on Windows operating systems.

A unique database put forward by Microsoft is MSSQL. If you are in need of enterprise-level database software, some options are available which run on Linux as well, but a Windows hosting plan will be the only resort if you consider Microsoft's unique MSSQL database.

Another area where Windows hosting plan will become indispensable is if you use the Sharepoint features of Microsoft Frontpage 2003.

Hey guys why are you making things complicated? Simply stated Windows hosting is nothing but an NT-based web hosting tool. A windows dedicated server works exclusively on Windows operating system. Windows operating system like Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP has all the internet explorer browsers pre-configured for the execution of ASP [active server page] commands.

ASP.NET: Enabling on dedicated server

  • First, you want to set the service “ASP.NET State Service” to automatic.
  • Second, you need to disable remote machines from connecting to your server and using it for State service.

You need to go into the registry and turn the bit flag for Remote Connections to false.
Here is the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServic esaspnet_stateParametersAllowRemoteConnection

Now you should be ready to start using ASP.NET State Service.

In this kind of web hosting, we choose an operating system which works basically on the window system.

The simplicity of the Windows XP operating system is what stands out with these applications. Windows provides its users with friendly, familiar environment that is easy to work with.

Windows or XP platform is scalable and very cost-effective because at a relatively low price you can set up a fully functional Internet server with Windows XP in a matter of hours.

Interactive websites usually rely on ASP, PHP, or Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language which is a scripting language used to receive and process data stored on web page forms).

You prefer ASP most of all Windows/ XP – based web hosting is the perfect choice for you. There are also some more only Windows available applications such as Access, MS SQL, Windows Media and Virtual Basic scripts.