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Search Engine Optimization Hosting

Search Engine Optimization HostingSEO web hosting has become a very popular hosting solution for small and medium-size businesses nowadays. For many of users e-commerce, SEO hosting sounds like something vague and not really understandable. Both SEO and Hosting are closely related and interlinked. Nevertheless, if you want your website to be successful and situated at the top of search engine listings for your targeted keywords a good SEO web hosting company is a must for this goal. is ready to provide you with reliable, yet affordable SEO hosting solutions you require.

Why You need SEO?

  • To derive traffic
  • Determine SERP rankings and increase performance

The hosting is critical and has a huge impact on rankings. Therefore, a hosting company becomes an SEO Hosting provider when it fits on following factors:

  • 100% Uptime: With best-hosting provider, you get 100% uptime, hence, are reliable and competent. Your website is accessible and available 24.7.365. The downtime on frequent occasions, lead to extremely poor SERP rankings. The list provided by Ananova can help you to do meticulous research to identify the best hosting providers.
  • Loading Speed: Hence, the factors – reliable, fast, the performance largely depends on the hosting provider and hosting plan. The heavy-traffic websites, a dedicated server is suggested, as shared hosting won't be able to provide the required performance. Slow websites lead to poor user experience, especially mobile users. Google has come out with the policy of penalizing the slow websites.

Good Web Hosting Provider offers 24×7 technical and customer help.

Have you ever noticed that your hosting with a poor quality service may negatively influence your search engine placement? Web hosting plays a crucial role when it comes to search engine optimization and locally targeted keywords. That\'s why offers you top-notch quality e-commerce SEO hosting services.

If you want your website to be not only placed on the web somewhere at 900+ position, our affordable SEO web hosting plan is an ideal solution for you. E-commerce SEO hosting plan includes search engine optimization for 5 pages of your site for free and 12 months of web hosting. With qualified search engine optimization included in our affordable SEO hosting your website will be professionally submitted to the most popular search engines. Affordable SEO web hosting plan from will also provide you with keywords research; Meta tags analysis and HTML code optimization, etc.

Search Engine Optimization Hosting Provider CPWebHosting is one of the most reliable SEO web hosting companies available on the Web. If you choose one of our affordable SEO hosting plans, you will get your main pages optimized and professionally submitted to search engines. This means that your hosted websites will be regularly indexed by the most popular search engines as,, and

When we talk about search engine optimization regarding domain search then the point comes that is our domain creating a problem for the customers or site users? If you want to stay ahead of your competition, then you might consider looking at the length of time your competitors have registered their domain names. If your competitors have generally renewed their domain names for one or two years, you might consider registering your domain name for 5 or 10 years.

While putting off your domain name\'s expiration date might help your search engine rankings, keep in mind that this may be only a small victory when it comes to search engine rankings.

This is a good thing to register a domain for a long at least 10 years. You don\'t want to deal with the process annual process of renewing them every year. It\'s best to obtain the domain names that you want to keep for a while and renew then on a 5 to 10-year plan.

If your domain name expires, there\'s a good chance that someone will register your domain name immediately after it expires. So you should be careful about this misshapen.