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PHP scripting is the key tool in the designing and creation of a dynamic and informative website. The use of PHP script in website designing has exponentially increased the significance of PHP web hosting. With the emerging need of PHP hosts, numerous web hosting companies have started offering PHP hosting services. However finding a reliable and quality PHP host is a tricky affair.

PHP is one of the most powerful tool and is gaining popularity in online business environment. A reliable and promising PHP hosting service is required if you choose to design your website with PHP scripting. A credible PHP hosting provider will maximize the advantages of PHP scripting which include compatibility, resource friendliness, efficiency and support.

A reliable PHP hosting ensures a hassle-free use of PHP script and supports all the features you require as your PHP hosting solution.

PHP hosting service providers can be evaluated on various service and features like price, bandwidth, disk space, technical knowledge, customer support, reliability, efficiency, supported applications, database servers and many other crucial elements.
This is the first question you need to ask yourself when decide which PHP hosting plan to choose. You can create a personal site to practice with web programs or need to share your video and photos with the rest of the world or you just developing a new branch in your large business to promote.

PHP Integrated Development Environment

IDE Package feature makes the web application development in PHP much more comfortable. Its features include:

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Framework Supported: Laravel and Symfony

Supported Languages: PHP, HTML, and JavaScript

Examples: PHPStorm, Netbeans, Aptana Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, ZendStudio

If you want to have small web site to boast of showing it to your friends, you can look for free web hosting packages. It will be enough. PHP hosting with MySQL database is necessary when you decide to create something more decent and serious. Today you can choose PHP hosting for affordable price. You should consider the following features listed:

Most host providers claim to have 24/7 customer support. Make sure to contact them at night. If you will be answered within 2 hours after your email has been sent, you can expect decent service.

PHP Web Hosting Service

Disk Space :
10MB will be enough for small sized with static pages. If you want to create some sophisticated web portal with plenty of video, photos, large community that needs forums and blogs as extra options to your main site content you should look for storage space more than 500MB or just unlimited option.

Supported Domains :
Decide how many domain names and sub domains you need in the future. The simplest hosting plans offer you just 1 domain to host. Choosing among more advanced packages you can host from 5 domains up to unlimited websites within 1 hosting account.

Bandwidth :
Almost all web hosting companies promise you unlimited bandwidth. Today you can find shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting and virtual hosting plans with unlimited features. Read the reviews of other customers as well as the terms and conditions of the host you prefer. Nothing else can help you better.

Database Support :
Intending to host several websites within the same hosting account you need to check how much MySQL databases are provided. At least, their number should be equal to the quantity of sites you are going to develop. You can find host plans with 5 MySQL, 100 MySQL or even unlimited MySQL databases offered. Actually, unlimited MySQL databases are useless, but most business or e-commerce hosting plans with unlimited domains option offer you them. So, why to refuse?

SSL Support :
This technology guarantees secure connection between server and a client. You can choose between shared or your own SSL certificate. If you want to create e-commerce site with shopping cart, you need to ensure secure connection with your customers. SSL provides secure transaction of encrypting sensitive information such as credit card and Social Security numbers to prevent identity theft.

Email Support :
Check such email features as auto responders, virus and spam filter, email forwarding, etc. You also should pay attention to POP3/IMAP Accounts offered that can range from 10/5 to Unlimited/300.

Think twice before choosing the hosting plan of your dreams.

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