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Moderating Newsgroups

If you want to control what articles posted to a newsgroup, you should use a moderated newsgroup. Articles submitted to a moderated newsgroup not published until the moderator for that newsgroup approves them.

When a user submits an article to a moderated newsgroup, Microsoft NNTP Service sends the article to the newsgroup moderator.
The moderator can either approve the article and send it back to Microsoft NNTP Service to be posted, or discard the article.

For discarded articles, the moderator can choose to send a message to the author of the article to explain why the article got rejected.

Establishing Moderated Newsgroups

To use moderated newsgroups, you must specify an SMTP e-mail server that is used to send articles to moderators or a directory where the articles stored for the moderators.

You can also specify a default moderator domain. If you choose to use the default moderator for a newsgroup, articles are sent to newsgroup_name @ defaul t_do main.

To enable moderated newsgroups

  1. Using Internet Service Manager, right-click Default NNTP Site, click Properties, select the NNTP Settings tab.
  2. In the SMTP server for moderated groups box, type either the Domain Name System (DNS) name or Internet Protocol (IP) address of the SMTP server, or type the path to the directory where articles stored for the moderators. The directory path must be a local directory or a network directory mapped to a drive letter.
  3. In the Default moderator domain box, type the e-mail domain for default moderators.

To create a moderated newsgroup

  1. Using Internet Service Manager, right-click Default NNTP Site, click Properties, and then select the Groups tab.
  2. Select Create new newsgroup.
  3. In the Newsgroup box, type the name of the newsgroup you want to create.
  4. In the Description box, type a brief description of the newsgroup function.
  5. Select either Moderated by default newsgroup moderator or Moderated
    by and then type the e-mail address of the moderator.

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