Backupgenie: Company Overview

Backup Genie, not a very old company, founded in 2011, developed with the aim of providing a full online backup solution for users meant for commercial and personal purpose. In just last few years, it has worked very hard consisting of talented and potential staff, built its reputation and quickly emerged as the good hosting provider. Company has build a huge and rich customer base comprising of both paid and free users in last few years.

Reliability & Performance/ Uptime Report

Backupgenie provides great reliability and delivers top notch performance to their customers. They are very concerned regarding the privacy and security of data of their clients and to maintain this, files are encrypted fully with 256Bit encryption with SSL Certificates. Complete backup of everything is maintained in a proper manner which is again a sign of reliability. Highly secure servers in data centres possessing HVAC, ultra-redundant power and networking systems without any failure. And servers are continuously monitored for 247365 to offer maximum uptime which results in top notch performance.

Hosting Plans

Reseller Hosting of Backupgenie provides two kinds of hosting plans, namely, Home and Business. Their names itself indicates that they are meant for which kind of users. Reseller features include instantly adding new user account via online, sell to clients for small amount, activated instantly, billing mgt. from control panel.

Features included in both the plans are Unlimited Devices per user, Backups on automated basis, Sharing of files & folders, Sharing of large files, Support of Network Drives, Backup of External Drives, Apps & Mobile Web. Business plan includes some additional features like backups takes place in every hour, proper backup of e-mail, Support at Business level, management of documents. Some free features are also included such as Collaboration of team, Admin Control Panel, Monitoring of Status of Backup, Access & Permissions. Sub Accounts are not included in Home plans.

Business Accounts comprises of features like Business & Admin Control Panel, Network/ External Drive Backup for free, Sub Accounts & 30 Days MoneyBack guarantee.

Features & Control Panel

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Control Panel for Admin & Business
  • Network/ External Drive Support
  • 30 Days MoneyBack guarantee
  • Servers monitored for 24*7*365
  • SSL Certificate & RSA Key
  • User friendly Control panel
  • Easy & fast online activation
  • Easy & fast branding
  • Dedicated Account Manager


24/7 technical support is provided by company to their clients through their Support Centre. If customers of Backupgenie seeking some subject based info or advice or face any kind of issue and required technical assistance they can reach the team of customer care at any moment and at anytime of the day. And in response, their team reverts with high quality solutions or answers of their queries and tried to deliver great customer satisfaction. With this, FAQ`s and some Video tutorials are also provided which a client can use at the time of seeking help.


  • 100% Automated Files/ Data Backup System
  • Ensures complete privacy & security to data
  • Provides proper backup of everything
  • Excellent Customer Service rendered
  • Highly Scalable
  • Online Backup
  • Choices in options available for storage
  • Files can be accessible anywhere
  • Full control of Admin


  • Less years of exp. in hosting industry
  • No Uptime Guarantee is ensured

Cancellation Policy / Refund Policy

A Cancellation policy of Backupgenie allows the clients who are having Business Accounts to cancel their account by giving a request for cancellation if they feel that services they are using inappropriate and can get their money back as per the refund policy. But the point to be noted here is that their money will be refunded only when they request for the same in 30 days of its usage. If the decided duration will be crossed, the provision of policy gets over. And other point, this is not applicable on all accounts. Business Customers Accounts can avail the benefit of this service.


Backupgenie performance based and reliable web hosting company offers their services at competitive prices to their customers with premium customer support and satisfaction guarantee.