In today era any online business runs on a few crucial factors. Web hosting service providers are one major aspect of this online business which perhaps decides most importantly how that online business will run.

The quality of service offered by the web hosting company primarily determines the success and effectiveness of your website.

A reliable web hosting service provider actually assigns a certain amount of space to its customer on their own server or sometimes on servers that they buy from others on the lease.

The first and the foremost thing you need to decide needs and requirements. Your requirements will determine the amount of money you have to spend on the web hosting service provider. If your requirements are quite low, you can go to the web hosting service providers that offer cheap packages for moderate users. But if your requirements are quite high, you need to choose a package which is designed for the big organizations.

Finding the best

Finding a good web hosting service provider is really a daunting task for many of the customers those are planning to run their own online businesses.

One must look out for some of the crucial factors while choosing perhaps the best web hosting service provider in the market.


Besides having a good web hosting service provider on hand, the customer must go through a well-known internet service providers which will help that business run smoothly without technical problems.

Understand Web Space and Bandwidth Needs

While choosing a good website hosting service provider the customer must ensure that he is provided with sufficient web space for his website and all his businesses requirements. Often it is seen that in future many of the customers want to expand their online businesses. So it becomes imperative that the web hosting service provider provides its customers with ample amount of space.

Many times it is seen that the particular website is loaded with graphics and video clips. Therefore sufficient amount of space is also required for that. It is always better to go for high bandwidth, as it allows you to make your website popular with video and audio files.

Affordable or Cost-effective

While going for a web hosting service provider one must keep in mind the different web hosting packages in an offer. Generally, people look for web hosting service providers who come at a cheap cost but provides excellent services to their customers.

Therefore Cheap Web Hosting and Web Hosting Packages are two most important factors which the customer must consider seriously. Web hosting service providers offering Cheap Web Hosting and Web Hosting Packages are many. There are some companies that offer the best and cheapest web hosting services in the market.

Some may offer cheap rate, while some may offer huge discounts.

All the services provided by them generally come with free instant set up, free domain for life, unlimited Space and Traffic and an effective money back guarantee among many others.

Without burning a gaping hole in one’s pocket, shared hosting costs less than $ 100 per year. Once it is assured that there is no overselling, there is no risk in going for ‘unlimited’ hosting.


A good affordable web hosting service provider is a company which should come with a certain degree of reliability, security, and speed of access. These are some of the important features of any online business. The customer must see that the sites function properly. That they are updated on time and is not down. Also, the site has to be secured of intruders especially when the site is an e-commerce website.


A speed of access, therefore, is very important. Slow working websites make it difficult for the customer to properly work on his online business.  It is also known as the upload and download speed. A server with low server up-time usually means that the website will be pretty slow while accessing it. A slow website generally annoys the visitors and leaves a bad impression on their mind. Therefore always go for the web hosting service providers with high server uptime.

Server uptime

If a customer finds the site inaccessible and down, he will evidently move on to some other link. This way an important visitor will be lost.


Last but not the least; you should always make sure that the web hosting packages service provider has excellent customer support facility. One other important feature of a good web hosting service provider is that it has to be dependable, should provide 24 hr support and respond to any issues raised by the customers.

Shared hosting is an ideal first web hosting package for beginners as it offers the resources that a startup or a personal website will need. It supplies cost-effective, fully-featured professional websites to customers. It provides quality service with cost cut with the benefit of storing multiple website and content on one physical machine

Even though VPS provides clients with plenty of authority and absolute charge of the own machine, its add-ons come at a premium price. Shared hosting is best for those who are on the look-out for professional web apps with low costs.

In shared hosting, a server is shared with other customers. Each receives a specific amount of space, processing power and bandwidth. Server admin keeps a tab on the working order of server, its operating system and related software update.

Is Shared Hosting the Right Choice?

At the beginning, it is difficult to predict the amount of space required for the website. Traffic is generated through marketing campaigns. Shared hosting is ideal for such situations. By sharing a server with other sites, few resources are required and the server is not loaded with hosting.


Shared hosting is ideal for:

  • Starting the first website.
  • Operating a small business or startup.
  • Coding and web design experimenting.
  • Website making for family and friends.
  • Studying WordPress, Joomla! and other apps.
  • Opting for limited budget hosting.

The consumer has a lot to choose from but these top five are the best-rated web hosting providers.