Key Selling Points

  • A division of Lithuanian company “Interneto Vizija.”

Establishment: 2003


CEO: Arvydas Strausas

Data Center: Vilnius, Lithuania (the geographic midpoint of Europe), built and maintained according to TIER III international standard.

Services Offered

Web hosting, VPS services, and domain registration

VPN service

  • Available in Europe, North America, and Asia
  • Ensure users’ private browsing, online privacy, and security while communicating over the Internet

Hosting Features

  • Encrypts VPN traffic with AES-256

No. of Customers: 100,000+ clients across Europe

Target Customers

  • smaller and largely underserved markets throughout Europe and beyond
  • business owners, web entrepreneurs, and individuals

What for Customers?

  • Fast, reliable, affordable and scalable hosting options with enterprise-level technology

Latest News – Hosting Review Hostens

  • (July 17, 2018) Upgrades to OpenVZ 7 which would improve standard VPS and Storage VPS products. It allows deployment of Docker, ServerPilot and other similar software on a Standard VPS. The upgraded version would offer more system monitoring and managing tools for smoother operations. It uses kernel version – 3.10+ and new file system without inode limit. The system would generate backup snapshots of virtual machines instead of simple file backups. Overall performance by guaranteed resource isolation and allocation, preventing containers from affecting each other.