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Unlimited Web Hosting

When it comes to unlimited web hosting, it seems that everyone has a different opinion on this topic. For some people, it means hosting plans that allow them to host unlimited domain under one hosting account. For others, such unlimited hosting plans will allow them utilize unmetered bandwidth or disk space. However, a real unlimited web hosting service should be the one that allows you use all the features below:
Unlimited Domains Allowed : There must not be any restrictions to the number of domains that are permitted to host. With Add-On Domain feature, you can setup various kinds of sites covering various niches or topics.
Unlimited Disk Space : The amount of disk space that you can use to store files, pages and emails must also be unmetered. Logically, the more disk space provided the more files you can store on the server. As normally the content of a site should be kept updated.
Unlimited Bandwidth : With this feature, you do not need to worry about the accessibility of your sites when you have a large number of visitors. Clearly, this is one of the vital components to make certain your visitors will always be able to access your websites.
Unlimited Databases : Many web based scripts specially designed to build forums or blogs require one or more database to setup. If you have a plan to build 20 WordPress sites under your hosting account, where each of them has an image gallery or other database driven program, it is not fun if you are only allowed to setup databases less than required. Unlimited web hosting companies normally offer MySQL along with phpMyAdmin access.
Unlimited Email Accounts : Ideally, a website needs to have at least one email address. If you intend to have dozens sites, make sure the web host company enables you to setup one or more email accounts for each of your domain. Using Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP feature, you will be able to use one email address to communicate with visitors and one for article submission, for instance, for each individual domain. Modern unlimited hosting providers usually provide related features such as Webmail Access, Mail Forwards, Email Aliases and Spam Prevention Tool.
Unlimited Sub domains : Webmasters usually use subdomain to create things like a forum. Some website owners use this feature for URL redirection. For this purpose they setup multiple subdomains where each is used to redirect visitors to a specific website address.
Clearly, unlimited web hosting is perfect for one who wants to build an array of websites. Other common features which are needed to support multiple sites are Website Statistics to watch your sites’ performance and Fantastico to install Blogs, Portals, Forums or Galleries very easily.
Some popular unlimited web hosting like Hostgator also provides other nice facilities such as Free Website Templates and a certain amount of Google Adwords Credit. Other companies offer a free domain name for a new customer. With all of the benefits offered, web hosting services that come with an unlimited hosting plan should be considered. Such a plan will greatly save your hard earned money in the long run.

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