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Security Methods on IIS Computer

With the advent of the Internet, corporations can tap into the large potential customer base now connected online. The inherently open Internet has also raised security questions and spawned an array of safety requirements.

Authenticate Users

The need to identify and authenticate legitimate users (for example, subscribers) in order to provide them with access to information, content, and services while denying service to unauthorized users.

Resource Access Control

Security system with a fine-grained access control that will allow legitimate users access to resources while protecting sensitive resources from hackers and unauthorized users.

Encrypted Communication

Ensure that corporations can set up private and tamperproof communications channels over the Internet for commerce and sensitive business-to-business transactions.

Auditing and Logging

Broad auditing and logging functionality to help track the site security, catch potential hackers, and deter attacks on the site.
There are four methods of security you can apply to your IIS computer. Users must pass these security checks before they are allowed to access a particular resource.

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