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News Website Revenue Model

News Website Revenue ModelThe simplicity and ease of running a news-based website have attracted millions of journalists. A domain cost from $ 6 onwards depending upon the chosen TLD. A shared or WordPress hosting plan cost from $3 onwards depending on the resource. So, for individual journalists, the cost of running an online news website is around $4 per month.

Who won't be attracted to it with such reduced prices? Every journalism student wants to run its own media website and convert it into a cash cow, by exploring a new line of businesses.

The countless number of online news-based websites emerging and traditional media outlets in parallel have started their online news portals. One of the primary sources of income of media is ads. And, the businesses are offering advertisements only on the performance basis, which led to the advancements of enormous competition. The excessive availability of options to advertise has reduced its value and price. Nobody wants to pay unrealistic advertisement price. The website with massive traffic and company finding their target customers going to them are only getting advertisements.

So, the myth of developing a good website and getting a massive amount of advertisements is broken. After investing time, resources and money, some journalists give up, by thinking that it was their faux pas.

The new is starting, and some old ones are closing, assuming no luck in it, some are still thriving. The sincere ones always want to run it for a long time with reduced cost. They understand that the future lies with it, as once it would reach an essential and efficient level, would maximize their digital resources.

Affiliates or Adsense – News Website Revenue Model

The advertisements are not the only available option to news portal websites. They run Google Adsense from Google and other providers. On the page with high-quality content and able to assemble the audience, they put a banner of companies to whom they signup as affiliates. It's obvious, that website will generate ROI only when visitors click on those banners and get a tremendous amount of traffic. A sustain activity required to maintain the traffic and scale-up. Most websites allow all types of ads, while some apply filters. They select products or services or events to be displayed on their website to provide a meaningful experience to their visitors.