The marketing team create unique, relevant content related to products or brand and disseminate the same to the emails, niche sites, blog posts, and share on social media. The soft launch is done first before sharing with the masses and shared with the knowns & friends who probably support and endorse the campaign. Also, if they share any comments, the content could be edited & further validated. It also helps build confidence, as it's more like an internal audit. Once, being 100% sure, it could be flocked to a broader audience via social media, emails, or other forms of outreach or marketing. It's observed that people in a network who are known personally contribute more.

The business look for new customers, and people already in the network, may not be target customers. But, still, the campaign content is initially delivered to them to get their response. It would look like getting advice about a specific activity, and it helps in research to determine the prospective customer's needs or requirements. Further, a hosting provider can do research, market survey to get more details. The customer needs specific treatment, and sometimes, businesses adapt according to the kind of service required. Before launching a new hosting plan or product, it could be offered for free to try for a certain period; if a customer finds its value, they can buy and continue with it. The businesses ask for endorsements or testimonials from customers or industry experts who have experienced the services to maximize impact and lead credibility to the product or service. It gives more weightage when other's recommend or provide positive reviews, comments, feedback, or statements.

Customers have smartphones, and they not only share content, but via images or videos, they make their messages heard quickly & effectively. Referrals and endorsements give considerable clout to businesses; hence it is a part of a marketing plan to ask customers for the same.

A company prepares a marketing plan before pitching content to the masses. It comprises objectives and strategies for the target population interested in the new hosting plan. A campaign's specific goals include gaining new customers for the hosting plan and creating brand awareness in a certain period.