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online accounts hacked

online accounts hackedOften various news based websites reveal the exposure of Social media accounts on online unprotected databases. Such databases contain social media id's and other private information like telephone numbers. The investigating agencies try to trace the compiler of such databases and bring them offline, when it comes in their notice.

Just imagine your online account hacked, surely hairs on your body bristle. Oh! What is going to happen now, I'm screwed up. All such thoughts would start emerging in your mind. And suddenly your friend or one of your known gave you a call saying that you have sent him a message or email, which you have not. The situation is really, and you start calling everybody to let them know that your account got hacked and they may please ignore if any message comes from it, because it is not you have been sending.

Hackers Activities – online accounts hacked

The hacker might be sending mischievous content like phishing links, pornography Oh No! The situation is grim and just clarifying to known's, friends, colleagues, or relatives won't be enough. You need to complain and find the way to regain control. Once you are again in full control of it, you would wish to revert all the mischievous or damage already done. You would be deleting the social media posts, never made by you. Check the email history and try to get logs from the provider, a hacker might have removed the messages from the sent box. Once the list is available to whom the hacker has sent email messages, contact them immediately and warn them about the links as might be containing the malware. Make them understand how they got these messages.

Try to figure out which data is stolen or breached. Most people store most of their valuable information in the email drives. For every of an online account, an email might be there, check those accounts and the best way is to start changing their passwords. If any such account found compromised, immediately contact the provider and explain the situation.

Dare Cybercriminals – online accounts hacked

Don't just be scared and sit idle, show responsibility, your activity not only can save you from damage but also others. In the digital world, these things, and the steps of cybercriminals are almost non-stoppable. They proliferate and do all kinds of nefarious activities. These cybercriminals even dare to hack the corporate or government servers containing big data. They gain access to information available about their customers, vendors and all stakeholders. Using which they can always debunk the entire business. The IT professionals of such organization remain up on their toes to counter any hacker attack.
With the booming e-commerce business, the security and alertness have become more advanced and sophisticated. In case of any fraudulent activity, an alert from credit bureau notifies other bureaus automatically. A customer needs to report if any theft of money or identity is there to law enforcement agencies. Once the police register an incident, a report sent to banks, businesses, and the credit bureau. Using transaction report they can reach to perpetrators.

Facebook Preventive Measures

  • In April 2018, Switched off phone searching, other members cannot be searched by typing phone numbers.