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Social Media Platform Twitter

Social Media Platform TwitterTwitter got a huge success, even when it imposes the character limits to 140 characters. It was not easy to convey the meaning in such a fixed threshold, but yet, people were using it. It reveals the mentality of the readers, and they don't wish to read long messages, a short and sweet but meaningful are engaging. People are so addicted to its roller coaster that they keep scrolling, whenever they find free time. That is why socialists often blame the social media for making the people's life disjointing, overwhelming and hectic.

Twitter Strength

Long story writers often compare the Twitter messages with telegrams. They also do understand that on this platform message goes quickly, effectively and effortlessly. With a simple click on retweet button, the tweet-message gets shared to hundreds of folks, thus has a feature to multiply to thousands.

Do you know anybody in your field, who is not on Twitter?


A short message typed in a status bar, could be anything, a page URL, a video, or a blog link. Once the update button clicked, it reached to followers, who have ‘Retweet' button to further tweet to their followers. It's not necessary for a retweet to follow a Twitter account, it could also retweet through a third-party tool. The ‘RT' symbol precedes the retweeted tweets and its copy sent to person retweeted.

If ‘@' preceded before username or Twitter handle, the message goes to that account and also get visible to all followers.  If both sender and receiver follow each, then they can send a direct message also.

Organize Tweeter Feeds

The most effective way to organize twitter feeds is through ‘Lists,' which can be arranged by customers, industry, competitors or other keywords.


Enables users to ‘favorite' important, valuable and relevant tweets.

Hashtag Tweets

The use of the Pound sign (#) in tweets.

Twitter As a Tool for Companies

Most companies consider Twitter in their online marketing activity. They keep sharing their powerful messages on it to increase their followers which further turns into customers. A well-written copyright message when disseminated through news feed reaches to thousands, and when retweeted by followers, it becomes a success story. A company knows that followers are crucial.

The companies often use #tags, to promote services, products or events.