School Website and New Communication Tools

School manages its administration using online platforms which stores student data and parent information. The website provides information about transportation, lunch, academic calendars, and enrollment. Parents receive the school latest information and published notices. The system maintains the parent contact information per student so that whenever there is issue or urgency, messages can be sent instantly. Furthermore, participate in ongoing discussions on School Messenger. The school websites also provide information regarding board meeting minutes, agendas, and videos.

Use of Latest Technology

Moving with the 21st century, technology is becoming an omnipresent resource, which, with time, is becoming predominant in every field of life. The way technology has changed our lives is majestic, it has replaced books with tablets and phones. It’s not only time efficient but also saves the extra effort. Everything today is available just with a few clicks as technology has given the world in our hands. The amalgamation of technology in education has not only benefited the students but also facilitated the teacher in improving the teaching methodology and strategies. A specific difference can be pointed out amongst the students of the technological era and the ones before that, as the prior are the ones more able and competent in learning and application. Technology helps in assisting students in envisaging the previously unfamiliar content in a manner that helps in learning. Students, because of technology have access to an incredible amount of new opportunities.

It’s not surprising that we are observing technology extend its pace into the healthcare industry. Technology that is already available to us in the form of fitness monitors, health applications, etc. has readily saved a lot of lives when it comes to hazardous issues. There has been a development in technology ever since the term has come to existence, and with increased activity, it has led to the concepts of “virtual communication.” With the help of technology, there has been a possible outcome of virtually communicating with doctors, wearable technology like the fitness bands has also been an important concept in contributing to global healthcare. Technology has changed the experience for patients as well as their families, but it also impacted on the healing processes and practices of healthcare professionals.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two major pillars of the futuristic progress that would help the healthcare industry triumph and would make the world a better place to live in. Technology might not be the silver bullet yet, but with the approaching future, it will be close as the success of the new technology is inevitable in a world that’s already halfway being techno-savvy.