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Can every tool, tactic or trick give a competitive edge to business?

Business Next LevelThe goals, objectives, plans, strategies, activities, processes, people, staff all and everything is essential. Entrepreneur success comes when all its stakeholders are satisfied. The principles and mindset to progress and gain business next level equally counts. Dedication can achieve the plans of action and milestone and work continuously in the right direction. Most starters get fascinated with the others achievements and compare them with time. A business is a long-term sustainable entity, where short-cut tactics work but should not be against the principles of trade.

Fulfill Business Commitments

The business often deals with various commitments which need to fulfill in an allocated period. There may be certain situations which presently cannot be done due to lack of expertise, budget or any other reason. For such the business takes the waiver or risk acceptance and commit to fulfilling it in the long-run. Some work commitments are for days, weeks, months or of a maximum of one year, but to finish it in giving time-frame the business need to develop momentum.


The business needs momentum to work consistently. The people become habitual to timings. If a company maintains the frequency of doing a specific job like posting an article on social media or uploading a video on YouTube, it has excellent chances of success. People wait for that when times come.


The business need market and its continuous attention towards products or services. It's right that people want change, as serving the same content genuinely stinks. If people start finding that they already know about it, they won't watch it again. Take an example of a cricket match or old news, till the people see value in it, they listen. In business, an innovative competitor easily takes away your customers.

Focus on Growth

Continuously adding the new customers can take the business to the next level, but with that old customers should be retained and satisfied to remain loyal to a company.