If you want your site to be listed in search engine results, then its web pages must be search engine friendly. But most users don’t know how they can create their website SEO friendly. Here this article may help you to know how search engine friendly web pages can be created.

1. Add Text to Your Images, Flash, and Videos

Firstly, you must understand that software meant for search engine can read only simple and ordinary text. Search engines cannot read text which is embedded in videos, flash or images, except Goggle which is suspected to do same.
However, it does not mean that a video, image or flash file cannot be placed on your site. They can be placed, but for this, as to describe them, content must be written for all these non text elements on web page. Additional text is required so reader can understand what this flash file do or what these images or videos shows.

In other words, design your site in such a way that it can be accessible by blind or visually impaired visitors easily. When you create search engine friendly web pages, you may experience some more benefits.

2. Validate Your HTML Code

HTML code written on your web page must be error free. It must be validated. By HTML code your web pages can be formatted by browser in such manner in which you wishes them to appear.

It seems to be a good practice to use CSS validator and HTML validator to run final code, whether code is written by hand or WYSIWYG web editor is used.

Basics of code must be correct, as search engines only considers them to see which part of web page need to be index. If there is any error in HTML code and it is not detected in a browser, then there are chances that software of search engine consider some text given on web page as a part of information of HTML formatting, instead of understanding it as a content of your website. And due to this, this text may be ignored by the search engine and its results may not shown your web page.

3. Create Relevant Title Tags

Web page on which text which is appeared in HTML tag form, search engine gives more weight-age to them. However, this text is not visible in HTML code which is used by web browser to show in title bar of web browser window.

On every web page, relevant title tags must be put rather than only on home page of site. And if you wish to put your site name on every title tag, then it must be placed on sub pages of your site at end of your title.

4. Use Straight HTML Navigation Links on Your Website

Search engines and visitors who are not having Flash players or JavaScript enabled cannot access those pages of website which required Flash players or JavaScript enabled to read them. Thus there must be some way which allows search engines and visitors who are not having Flash players or JavaScript enabled to access other pages of website. And this can be done by placing HTML links on web page which is linked to other web pages and to your state-of-art gadgets.

With this, a site map must be added to your website and link the same from your home page.

5. Eliminate Apparent Content Duplication

If your site is having two or more web pages which contain identical or same content, then there are some sites which will link to one page and others will link to other page. It results in considering both pages as unimportant by search engine to index. Thus, if there is any duplicate content on your site, it must be eliminated apparently.

If there are session ID’s, try to make use of cookies rather than tracking individuals. Using a robots.txt file, alternatives URL can be blocked from search engines, can be considered as a good solution but it also does not resolve the issue of link dilution.

6. Remove Hidden Text

Remove hidden text from your web pages, if there is any. Hidden text is included in your web page but it cannot be seen by visitors on your screen when they tried to access your page in a browser. Search engines do not show web pages in their search results, which may contain hidden text.

If you are using the services of any free web hosting provider, then be alert. Without your knowledge, some of the providers may put hidden text on your web pages. From investigation, it is known that advertisements which are placed on your site may contain hidden text. This causes penalty on your site by search engine without even your fault. So, here the optimal solution is to get a domain name and avail the services of any commercial web hosting provider.

If you create SEO friendly website, first few pages in search engine results may show your site. You may follow the above tips to display your site in the top search engine results such as Google, Yahoo and others.