Data-driven platforms and Interactivity

Development of technology at the relentless speed

data-driven platformsThe business needs to upgrade and update with the latest technology if it wants to remain in the competitive race. The adoption of technology has become the prime objective of most businesses. But, they need to take care, whether their customers are also upgrading. The attitude or behavior of targeted customers is critical before investing huge-budget in improving to cutting-edge technologies. Mostly it is observed, people are fast to react to advance technologies. Thus businesses are left with no option, other than to upgrade to move ahead.

The development of hand-held devices from Pager to mobiles and then to Androids has brought massive change in digital customer experience. The content presentation has evolved with technology. The dynamic page websites almost replaced static ones and now mobile apps replacing them.

Interaction on Data-driven platforms

Interactivity with customers is now a significant attribute, and hence news-based businesses are taking care of it on priority. The available online platforms are providing the tools to the contributors to include the readers-interaction in their news, reports, videos, and photographs at relevant places.

The tools like analytics and heat maps provide the information about website visitors interest and their navigation patterns. By using that real-time data usage, the content-contributors can modify the article and integrate the quotes, comments or services or products tables.

The existing platforms do allow people to use, reuse, share and gather and analyze information. Still major developing is pending. They should be capable of prompting suggestions most notably in problem-solving and content personalization that make sense to user intent.

Intelligent Data-Driven platforms

The businesses should look for the platforms to automatically generate content using an algorithm, deploy chatbots to carry out quasi-conversations with users, answering queries and concerns in real-time. Furthermore, use customized news feed algorithm to allow users to see posts of their interest. Even the algorithm should filter itself automatically by analyzing the interactions made by the user on various social platforms.

The business can thrive only when it meets the previously unmet needs of people or communities.
The businesses need to quench the user's thirst to explore the information. Thus, they need to include all the information which people can search in their niche data-driven platforms. The customer interactions let the contributor know which content matters them. The likes, dislikes, votes, sharing on social media and comments engage the user. These insights or matrices are helpful to enhance the articles further.