Key Selling Points

A preeminent SaaS content management interface for applications and websites which built on WordPress has announced its Alpha project of ‘WP Engine Search' which is powered by Elasticsearch. By this new feature website hosted on WP Engine Platform to enter fastly and more accurate search capabilities. It has also announced ‘Related Posts' enable to locate reliable, related parts of content into a viewer's page to enhance page views and reader attention. Above two features are built on WP Engine WordPress platform.

There are some key features of Elasticsearch:-

  • Minimize Load on Database Server: WP Engine Search provides the functionality of real-time search without having a full-text database scan for each search operation.
  • Fuzzy matching and auto suggest results: WP Engine Search produces more knowledgeable search and autosuggestion for close queries, relevant content and matching for misspelled terms.
  • Develop Experience of users: The website of WordPress is maintaining the performance of consumer by matching visitors website to the hidden content. The ability of Elasticsearch is to absorb users by increasing page views, traffic and revenue streams via direct response engagement.
  • The features of related posts to an individual website visitor creating SEO ranking, maximizing visitor engagement and improved content management. Relevant posts are integrated into WP Engine Search so that there is no need to sign up with third-party service for an API key.
  • Availability: Users has to sign up in the Alpha program for WP Engine Search powered by Elasticsearch.