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Encrypt Email to prevent Snooping or Commercial Espionage

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Encrypt Email

The business depends on the email services as the most important part of communication. The Entrepreneurs keep the utmost secrecy of all the business communications. Hence, they encrypt emails to prevent snooping or commercial espionage.

G-suite and Office 365 has fascinated most of the businesses, which results in switching from webmail to commercial email services with enormous features. Its quite easy to check email securely on any device like smartphone, tablet or PC. Even though it is an established fact that Google and Microsoft share the data with the government and on request with other law enforcement agencies.

Configure Pretty Good Privacy or GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) standards for email encryption with email clients like Outlook, Mac Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. You cannot encrypt metadata which includes subject, sender and receiver address and more information.

Other Email Providers which Encrypt Email

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