To know about SSD VPS hosting, it is essential to know about SSD & VPS. SSD means that the memory function serviced by solid state drives ordinarily known as SSD. SSD memory storage is quite swift and costly than the normal SATA or SAS memory storage.
Usually, SSD VPS are more expensive than regular SSD. As SSD devices will be available in less price with time than the SSD, VPS will also become affordable. Once an individual is aware of both the technologies, it will become easier to choose between VPS hosting or SSD VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting

A virtual private server more commonly known as VPS is a virtual machine sold as a service by a web hosting service provider. They are available in low cost which is equivalent to a physical server, but they have their limitations like performance may be low, and its working efficiency depends on the workload. There is a lot of difference between VPS & other web hosting servers.
In VPS hosting, an individual is allotted resources that are not shared by everyone. CPU time and memory shared between all accounts on the machine, but at the same time, part of those resources always dedicated to each account. It allows for more power and flexibility than a shared account. VPS drive's supported speed is 50 to 120MB/s. It is better than shared hosting but less efficient than SSD VPS hosting.

SSD VPS Hosting

In SSD VPS hosting the hard disk usage is more. SSD VPS are better from the performance point of view considering that SSD drive's supported 200 MB/s speed to 550 MB/s speed. This makes its file opening speed increased up to 30%, but because of this its usage price is more, it is not affordable by all. As well as storage space of SSD is quite low because of its small size.

Benefits of SSD VPS over usual HDD VPS Hosting

HDD Technology

  • Old technology based on the vinyl records mechanism.
  • The spinning disks drive stores information magnetically in patterns
  • A thin disk rotates at 7,200 revolutions per minute to read and record data hence rotational latency leads to less write and read speed. The cooling required to disseminate the heat generated due to moving components.
  • The sensors on the drive read and send the data back to the computer’s motherboard. Furthermore overloading can also lead to hard disk failure, hence backups are required to deal with unexpected circumstances.

SSD Technology

  • latest technology with no moving components
  • stores data on flash memory chips thus have high read and write speed. This further leads to better performance as compared to HDD technology
  • Robust: Very less possibility of failure
  • Less power consumption compared to HDD

There are lots of benefits, one & most important of them is that it is faster than shared & VPS hosting. It speeds up a performance of entire VPS since anything being written or read from the drive happens so much quicker. With added SSD in VPS hosting it gives a benefit of both the technologies.
SSD Hosting is usually an ameliorated solution in comparison with others. It provides a better ready to write space as well as increase the performance of the web server which makes web hosting amend.

Disadvantages of SSD VPS Hosting

There is only one trouble with SSD VPS hosting & it is that they are quite costly, or hosting providers render less storage space due to an extra cost of SSD. One of the most economical hosting providers for SSD VPS will furnish it with an affordable price, but for that, an individual needs to do search legitimately.
Whatever is the fact whether an affordable web hosting service provider with SSD VPS hosting is available or not, it can not furnish more space since SSD are small in size so that there will be less storage space.


VPS hosting is itself a superb hosting provider & when SSD technology includes with VPS, it becomes a more impressive hosting technology for an individual to choose. With it own benefits, it has some drawbacks as well.