Facial recognition, which is also known as the bio-metric artificial intelligence application, helps in identifying a person by analyzing facial shapes and texture. A facial recognition system is a technology that recognizes and verifies a person from a digital image or a video game from a video source. There are different methods in which facial recognition works but the universally they work by comparing a few selected facial features from a given image with the faces stored in the database. It was initially a form of computer application, but it has seen broader uses on mobile platforms in today’s world.

Face recognition is typically used as an entrance into the security systems just like other bio-metrics like the fingerprint scanning or the iris recognition systems.
With high paced technology, there emerged the three-dimensional face-recognition-technique which uses 3D sensors to apprehend information about the shape of a face, such as the contours of eye sockets, nose, and chin. The significant advantage of this technique is that face recognition is not affected or disturbed by the changing light directions like in other biometric methods. It can also identify a face from several angles of view, including the display view.

Social media platforms have taken facial recognition abilities to diversify the functions to attract an extensive user base.

Amidst stiff competition from different applications. However, in comparison to other biometric technologies, facial recognition may not be the most reliable and efficient method. Factors such as expression, pose, noise, and illumination during the face capture can affect the performance of facial recognition systems. Face recognition is, however, less effective if the facial expressions vary, a facial pout or a big smile can render the technology less useful.

Everything has pros and cons it increases with technology, spectacular things are growing each day in the field of facial recognition. Not just as customer attracting beacon, but also used for examination, investigation, and monitoring, which is one of the most significant merits of facial recognition.

Author: Rishika Chhabra