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Secure Web Hosting

Secure Web Hosting

We all are aware of Web hosting, in this article we have covered some security aspects of Web hosting as it is a matter of concern and is related to the safety of our websites.

Why Secure Web Hosting

To make any website accessible over the internet, so that it can be seen by anyone and at any time, across the world, Web hosting is required. But is only web hosting is enough…No, it must be safe and secure, as security and reliability is a priority for everyone in every aspect? Moreover, when we talk about something related to web or internet. Then it becomes a matter of great concern, as the internet is highly insecure.

Hackers are searching for several ways to enter our websites, servers to attack them for stealing our financial or personal information for their personal use or to crash the same to cause disruption or with some evil purpose in their mind. So, overall protection of websites is essential for their success and for this web hosting must be safe and secure.

How to Judge Secure Web Hosting Service Providers

A website to be safe and secure must be hosted by a safe and secure web hosting company. And to judge or find whether a specific web host considered as safe and secure or not, depends on the following parameters.

·1 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)- A Secure Web Host always offers an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate in their hosting packages. SSL is the security technology used for encrypting the data which is transmitted between website and web browser. It offers optimal protection to sensitive information or data from being accessed by unauthorized users or hackers and malware. In E-Commerce websites, while making any payment, personal information such as name, address, contact no. and financial information such as credit card no. or bank account will remain safe using SSL.

·2 ‘S' in HTTPS:// – With this, your website URL must be preceded by “https://” as it is a symbol or a sign of secure website. And it is always taken care of a good hosting service provider.

·3 Configuration of a reliable clustered firewall – A website can be kept secure when web host hosting the same configure a trustworthy clustered firewall. It is required to deny the unnecessary traffic, block threats caused to sites and server. With this, security controls must be tested from inside and outside of the network and ask for the security personnel, how well they are trained in handling security issues.

·4 A regular watch & maintenance- Servers must be monitored for all the time to see if any malicious code uploaded to a website. It is necessary that servers and network must be monitored for 24 hrs a day so that it can be available all the time. With this, their maintenance from time to time is required to check if any attack on the same is incurred. Also check whether a company has published security protocol for patches and upgrades, any. re

·5 Backup of Website on daily basis- As data is essential for any website, so a secure web host always offers a backup of clients site on regular basis. Data is restored on the entire network by a provider. Most web hosts provide a tool in your control panel by which backup of a site can take by the user himself. And if a web host is having their own backup procedures, it is more beneficial and secure.

·6 SFTP- Secure File Transfer Protocol is more secure and vulnerable than FTP. It will securely upload the files to your web hosting account. And a secure hosting company always offers this.

After considering these security issues, one can select a safe and secure web host, who is following all these parameters, for hosting its website securely.

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