Customers think that they had 100% uptime guarantee when he signs for services. Worst of all nightmare message sent to webmaster: “Site is down! Why? When will it be again up? What kind of business is running?”

But it's too late, a user has to realize that he should always go through details of guarantees and services of a web host before signup.


A user is looking at a platform for his website either business or personal. How quickly would user decide to hire building to move his business? What should a user do any different in cyberspace-on the Net?

Check up-time guarantees in detail. Best will offer around 99.5% uptime guarantee. Earned credits can be applied automatically to users account if a server is not up 99.5% of any month given. Web host with high standards calculates downtime and reports every minute of downtime to all its clients. Results are also posted on their web page for anyone to check.

To get any credits for other web hosts, a detailed report has to be submitted concerning downtime of a website in writing and host must verify this document. Host monitoring cost of its servers ensures a website is up as much providing a guarantee that may cost more than refund is worth.

Other Example: User can see certain web host providing 99.999% uptime guarantee. A user has to sign a “guaranteed contract” to qualify for guarantee with them. It means a user must choose pay for among most expensive packages. If anybody buys extra features from them then this will help website stay up more than if he didn't buy these features.


At redundant risk, always keep in mind that it doesn't matter how sophisticated and advanced equipment, how much techno savvy the engineers, technology, being technology, fail from time to time. Web host with diesel generators backup, multiple routers and switches, secondary servers and UPS systems is able in providing high-speed access, consistent and can guarantee at least 99% uptime. Most web hosting companies have high-speed lines connected to more than one Internet “backbone” provider. This is important to reliable website uptime since technical glitches interrupt network service. A web host is allowed by redundant network design to traffic away from Internet “hotspots” directly and fastest routes are available at that time. If one network service is interrupted then site remains up.


Best web hosting providers are offering high uptime guarantees because investment is in best automatic monitoring equipment, hired professional and experienced engineers who can evaluate potential problems and emergencies redundant backup systems are installed to automatically take over situation produces wrong.

If a web host offering guarantees 95% uptime, it means translates into 8.4 hours of downtime per week. If there is not anything to lose when a website is down, then speed and efficiency bring the website back up may leave desirable deal. An uptime guarantee means a little refund for a user, but if the web host is refunding $5 to every client on their server means real losses for them. Before signing up with next host get a guarantee. If any user is unclear about details, email then call and ask the host about it.


“Uptime” is a server monitoring system provided service to the entire internet. Bunch of websites is monitored by this program for a bunch of people. An email message is sent to monitor's owner during unreachable of a website. A page is requested by uptime from a server. A website will be checked by Uptime continuously. If anybody wants to be beeped by Uptime, then beeper service is described by a user has an email gateway. User server gets queries by Uptime in every 15 minutes.

Runtime Errors

What “runtime errors” have to do with downtime, uptime or anything?

A runtime error is a type of error occurs during program execution. Compile-time errors occur during compilation of a program. In program, runtime errors indicate bugs or problems that have anticipated by designers but cannot do anything. Runtime error caused by running out of memory is one of the examples.