According to the approached world, the news is anything out of the ordinary, it could be anything that a newspaperman makes, or it could be anything that is said by a famous personality. Joseph Pulitzer, the father of journalism, said that anything that masses talk about, anything sold for communicative motion is considered as news. Joseph Pulitzer started Yellow journalism, in layman’s terms; fake news is a part of the prior.

Fake news is also known as junk news, which is a type of propaganda that consists of conscious misinformation spread majorly through online media. Deliberate disinformation is spreading like wildfire in this contemporary world, and technology is playing a vital role in the same. The false knowledge also circulated through the traditional mediums, print, and broadcast. Fake news is published usually to delude to damage the reputation of a person, company, or an entity.

The essential factor for the success of the fake news stories is their level of social engagement. The upgraded technology has led to a boost in the society of fake news because of the obligation it has over people.

Social networks help us in connecting with others that are like minded and share similar values and beliefs. These values help us define ourselves and what we regard. Social media was not a concept which talked about a few years, but today, it is seen as one of the greatest threats to authenticity and reliability. Digital news has brought an increased practicing of yellow journalism.

The social media echoes misinformation that is passed on like a never-ending process, and with such quick feet, it finds a way to the mainstream media as well. For media men, the ability to attract readers to their website is crucial to achieving lucrative online advertising revenue. Publishing stories with unreal content attract people that generally improve ratings and easy access of the same leads to the popularization of social media. Masses contribute to the dissemination of false information as they purposely retweet through the modern day technical media.

Author: Rishika Chhabra