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The internet plays a vital part in the communication process in today’s world and the email is a classic example of that. The email is probably one of the fastest methods to communicate with one another. People use email to keep in touch with friends and carry out correspondence with business associates. The technology has evolved to a great extent over the years offering the people faster internet speed. The high-speed saves reduces time substantially by processing certain tasks faster. Google mail is a perfect example that utilizes this technology and tries to make the mailing experience a pleasant one for the customers.

One of the important characteristics of a mail account is the speed at which you can complete different tasks. Waiting for new mail, replying to mails, writing fresh mails, attaching files, organizing, keeping a track of the different conversations through emails and opening an email are some of the activities that a user can perform while using a mail account. If you are using Google mail then you are already accustomed to the fast speed that the email gives you. In fact, this email is much faster than the other email service providers.

Unlike some of the other email service providers, this mail account will not refresh the entire page if you click on a link; it just displays the section that you want to view. Google mail also hunts for any new email and promptly updates the user’s inbox. Using this mail account is very easy; for example, if the users wants to attach a file he or she need not go to another page they can attach the file on the very same page which is really convenient. This particular feature goes down very well with the public. The file that needs to be attached will upload in real time.

Organizing emails are very easy in Google mail and it helps to save quite a bit of time. With this mail account, you can attach labels to the emails if you want to group them together. Once you label the emails they will not remain hidden from your inbox, you can also add more than one label to a single email. This mail account also permits you to view all the old email conversation, you are also allowed to view the summary of the email history within a small area. The history of all the conversation is displayed in chronological order and so the mail account keeps track of all the recent actions

Google mail is very successful in giving the users a good experience. Simplicity, usability and speed are some of the benefits that a user can expect from this mail account. People who have been using other emails have switched over to Gmail because of its features. Google IMAP setup is another feature that prompted people to switch to Google mail from other mail service providers. Google keeps updating its email services to the users are always in for a pleasant surprise.

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