Technology is fulfilling several promises to date and has a lot many to offer in the future to make the world a better place. It helped us become more intimate with the rest of the world, but the constant availability has led to a significant amount of reliability over machines. The modern technology and economy of the world are intertwined; any one of them cannot be meddled with. In a world that is at it’s fastest pace of progress and growth, technology also keeps on advancing; becoming an integral part of everybody’s day to day lives.

The use of technology initially played the role of making lives more comfortable and effort saving, but stagnant misuse has raised the question of responsibility. We are increasingly alienating from one another because of the dependency over technology for every essential thing. Having a conversation face to face is not common anymore; people are comforting themselves by masquerading behind the dais that social media has given them. When comparing our generation with the older one, one can notice a significant difference because of the modern technology where the ball is in our court, but too many cooks spoil the broth.

When we talk global about technology, mechanization has relieved people of many manuals and challenging labor. Proper use of medical techniques has also cured many diseases. The modern means of technology has increased the possibilities of shaping the present and the future.

Technology is being used in various manners to facilitate organizations, it is being used to gather information, transferring data, organizing, processing and tracking records, etc. Without technology dependency, most things today would create chaos but technology is not the silver spoon. People think it gives us a quick fix for everything, but because of the natural solutions available, we often forget to put on the useful and essential efforts required.

It doesn’t convey that it is impossible to live in an environment that supports the safe and responsible use of technology; instead, it can be used to reinforce accountability and build a safe place to work. Ethics of using technology are concerned with ethical and responsible conduct with legitimate motives and norms. , but now they also would face the wrath of technology of they try to control everything. The emerging problem is to know if we can contain and control it or not.

Latest News

(Oct 27, 2019) A commercial charter operator Pure Salt installed a new digital era Bluetooth traps technology (200 self-resetting traps) on the Indian/Mamuku island in Dusky Sound. The company has also installed motion-sensing cameras to detect and observe pest behavior, which helped discover previously unknown kiwis on the island.
It would help monitor pest eradication, by sending a notification to a smartphone app every time a trap kills a pest and reminds users when to reset traps. In 2012, the island was declared pest-free.