Consumer Monitoring

Consumer Monitoring And Multidimensional AnalysisThe businesses apply data mining techniques to produce insights and patterns. That is further, monitored, analyzed and specific customers are targeted with specific promotions and coupons. Their ads get delivered on social media, SMS, Emails, and e-commerce websites, accessed by customers. It helps companies built inform policies with up-to-date real-time information at varying degrees of granularity using simultaneously processing for patterns. Artificial neural networks recognize patterns across multiple layers of input, improving accuracy and permitting multidimensional analyses.

 Social Media Platform: Consumer Monitoring

The companies want to reach where a customer goes. That is why social media emerged as one of the powerful tools of advertisement. Almost every company fix marketing budget for social media. It enables them to segment and target publics by specific demographics and regions. Apart from the ad, businesses are listening to big data which include data streams coming from Facebook and Twitter posts and tweets. They are filtering and analyzing this data to measure consumer sentiments and further deliver actionable information for the desired action.

E-commerce websites: Consumer Monitoring

The products are sold and delivered to customer address. The customer uses the Internet, browse various sites and according to preferences and needs make buying decision. The customer browsing and purchase history monitored, analyzed, and insights take out to further disseminate relevant, personalized product advertisement and content.
The big companies use recommendation engine system. Amazon uses it suggests new additional products based on affinities to various products and Netflix to recommend entertainment options to users.

GPS Tracking

The companies recommend enabling GPS in mobiles, The users can search destination to search paths, traffic congestion, the time required to reach and distance. The technology can alarm with the risk of accidents to users.

Patient Monitoring

IBM Watson analyzes all the medical information available to it from all over the world and further applies it intelligently to individual situations. It provides detailed and accurate medical diagnosis using patient history, symptoms, medication, environmental trends and other parameters.